4 Reasons Why You Should Buy Redgum Firewood for Sale in 2021

There’s nothing like a warm fire on a cold night, but how long that fire burns depends on several factors. One of the biggest is the most important type of firewood you use, and nothing beats redgum firewood in quality. 

Redgum firewood is multifaceted, heavily dense, and restaurant hardwood. It consists of less intense, less dense to dark red heartwood, so it is often used for flooring, fencing, and outdoor decking purposes. This is also used in furniture making, boat building applications, and structural plywood. 

In standard, one tonne of redgum firewood equals 1.9 to 2.1 cubic meters of normal firewood. However, the amounts of moisture and how other retailers might stack density can differ when comparing volume to weight. 

As firewood, red gums burn hotter and last longer than other firewoods. Firewood suppliers source the hardwood from the Eucalyptus Camaldulensis tree, making it readily available across the country. While its abundance and sustainability account for its popularity within Australia, here are the top 4 reasons for its popularity. 

With winters over the horizon, before you jump the gun on purchasing firewood for sale, here’s what you should know about redgum firewood. 

Available Heat 

Redgum is a heavy wood variety that can catch fire easily and burn perfectly. Whenever you ignite redgum firewood, the heat lasts for a longer time. However, if you live in a humid area, you may want to consider switching to redgum. 

The firewood offers tremendous heat, with the heat content percentage of the wood dividing the density of the wood 11.2. 

Ignition Density 

Ignition quality tells us how easily you can light wood. If the wood has a lot of resistance and resin, then expect it to ignite easily. In connection with ignition, you can ignite the redgum firewood easily. Redgum firewood delivery sustains low density making it easier to ignite in contrast to woods with high density. In addition, redgum consists of natural fuel substances like sap that nourish and sustain incoming ignition, making it ideal for firewood. 

Density Value 

The density value can be specified by a wood’s dry weight per unit volume. Heavily dense woods can ignite faster and more extensively than less dense wood. High-density woods can burn quicker and longer than slightly dense woods. This capacity depends on the principle that heavier wood has more heat per volume than its lighter counterparts. 

To be precise, the forest redgum gives 1,000 kg/m³ seasoned density.  

Split Capability 

The heaviness of the redgum firewood doesn’t essentially signify that it is an ordeal to break. Redgum can be easily split into several pieces. Moreover, redgum has several knots that make it easier to split and use. 

However, a redgum can only split if it is well-seasoned. Dry firewood with a humidity content of less than 27% is ideal for burning. If the firewood-like redgum is the first slit, in standard, it is around 40%- 55% moisture content, requiring drying for up to 2 years to get below the ideal ignition point lower than 25%. Once it underscores below that point, it is known as “seasoned firewood.” 

If you’re thinking of material for your next firewood, then we suggest you use well-seasoned redgum from credible firewood suppliers. 

Wrapping Up 

For redwood to burn well in a furnace, wood heater, or pizza oven, firewood needs to vapourize the remaining water content as well. More water content means a cooler burn, resulting in more ash and smoke in contrast to well-seasoned dry firewood. 

Redgum burns hotter and for longer hours-credits to its dense and compact nature. So it’s excellent for long, slow burn, gentle fires to keep away the cold and cook that perfect pizza bread in the oven. 

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