The Benefits of Using an Owner-Operator Fuel Card

A fuel card can save a trucking company money on fuel by providing at-the-pump discounts and other services. Quality fuel cards offer a discounted network with benefits like spending controls, daily gallon and transaction limits, postal code restrictions, and other features.

Most fuel cards also include account management that simplifies the accounting process by eliminating the need to track receipts and reducing the theft risk. They can also provide automated IFTA reports that are accessible online.


A fuel card for truckers is an intelligent way to manage the many costs of running your business. Owner-operators can save on gas and diesel using a card offering perks like cost-saving discounts at popular truck stops. Plus, it cuts down the hassle of withdrawing cash and keeping receipts.

A quality card provides a secure method to complete purchases and offers control over who uses the card. You’ll be able to limit who uses the card when they can use it, and where they can purchase fuel. Plus, you’ll be able to track expenses and see how much you save at each stop.

It may offer a line of credit and other back-office solutions depending on your chosen card. These features can help you build your credit, keep your business moving and save money on maintenance, lodging, document scanning, and tax services. In addition, some cards provide mobile apps that simplify accounting and tracking. Some even offer automated IFTA reporting. That’s a huge time and cost-saving benefit that can help you make more money as an owner-operator. Moreover, that’s a great advantage to get las vegas fuel delivery services at your hand, so, what are you waiting for?


Managing this expense is essential in a business where fuel costs are enormous. Using a fuel card gives fleets and drivers extra control over spending, as cards allow for blocking or advancing purchases. They also help track all purchase information, which can be helpful for tax purposes and compliance.

Depending on the provider, owner-operator fuel card can save truckers money on maintenance, tires, document scanning, and lodging expenses. Choosing the right one is vital to ensure you get the most out of it, and you should always compare rates to find the best deal.

Additionally, some fuel cards have geographic or brand restrictions to which stations you can use them at. It can be frustrating for owner-operators covering a large area of the country. DAT works hard to understand the needs of drivers and carriers, which is why we partner with a wide variety of fuel card providers to offer the best possible discounts. Find yours today and start saving!


Fuel cards, trucking or fleet cards, are unique payment cards that help owner-operators save on gasoline and diesel costs. They are PIN-protected, making it difficult for someone to use them even if they find your card. These cards offer partner discounts on hotel stays, truck accessories, and maintenance.

These cards provide impressive transparency through real-time documentation that helps you make better decisions and prevent theft or unauthorized spending. They also allow you to monitor driver performance and ensure drivers take the most efficient routes for maximum savings.

Fuel cards are used by commercial carriers, less-than-truckload (LTL) trucks, private companies, and owner-operators. Most are accepted at a network of truck stops and fuel stations, allowing you to track usage for taxes and mileage deductions. They also offer flexible discount options, transaction and daily gallon limits, and postal code restrictions to help manage expenses. Some of them also have a built-in security suite that offers fraud alerts and other services to improve the safety of your business.


While there’s no getting around the fact that fuel is one of the most unavoidable costs for trucking companies, savings can positively impact bottom-line profit margins. Fuel cards help maximize these benefits by tracking and lowering expenses related to diesel fuel use.

Generally, these programs provide in-depth and real-time monitoring of all fuel-related purchases. They often include app-based robust fleet management tools that optimize calculations like cost per mile and vehicle utilization. Additionally, trucking companies can add card-specific limits (daily gallon and transaction amounts, day and postal code restrictions), limiting employee misuse or theft.

Many fuel card programs offer rebates and rewards ranging from a few cents to several dollars per gallon. While these paybacks may sound minor, they can add up quickly. It is one of the primary reasons truckers and transportation companies seek these fuel discounts and other benefits that come with them.


Fuel is often a trucker’s most considerable expense. A fuel card allows owner-operators to track and control spending more manageably than if it came from multiple credit cards or cash. Plus, many fuel cards require each driver to use a unique ID, so you can see who’s purchasing what from afar. It can help reduce fraud, theft, and unauthorized purchase.

The best fuel cards also come with account management and tracking tools that can help you save money, such as a free truck stop app and discounts on food, lodging, maintenance, and roadside assistance. These are helpful for truck drivers who want to improve their bottom line and run a more efficient operation.

Look for a card with an extensive network of affiliated truck stops, and avoid paying out-of-network fees. A mobile fuel finder is handy for avoiding these extra charges. In addition, some fuel cards offer automatic IFTA tax reports that can be downloaded from your account. It makes IFTA compliance less time-consuming and complicated for owner-operators. You should also ensure the card offers a transparent fee structure with no hidden fees.

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