Steps to Open a Locked Window

Have your windows been giving you a hard time opening? This article will guide you on how to open a locked window. Follow the steps mentioned below or contact a Residential locksmith in Melrose Park to help you solve this issue. You can damage the lock or break the window by applying too much force. You have to figure out a way to open a locked window without breaking it. The first step is to identify the type of window you have. 

Common Types of Window Locks

Sliding Window

There are two types of sliding windows: horizontal and vertical. These windows are made of aluminum or vinyl and have the exact mechanism. The sole difference is in the direction in which it opens. These windows are divided into two panels. 

The first panel is fixed in the window frame and can’t be opened, and you can open the second panel by sliding it. The horizontal sliding windows slide either left or right. Whereas the vertical sliding windows slide either upwards or downwards.

These windows can also have a sliding latch for additional security. The latch locks the window and prevents it from opening from outside. Some of these windows also have a spring built in them. These springs lock the window automatically. If you don’t realize it, you might only release one latch and find it hard to understand why the window won’t open. Because one of the two panels has shifted out of the path, the pivot locks of the sliding windows can become jammed. Raise the window and turn the pivot with one hand to unlock it to solve this. You can read more about VERTICAL AND HORIZONTAL SLIDING WINDOWS.

How to open Sliding Windows?

If you cannot open the window with your hands

  • , insert the pry bar between the window and the windowsill. Use the prybar to apply a little force and jiggle the window. It will allow the window to move if it has been stuck. The window can also come off using the pry bar. However, this will only work if your window does not have a latch. 
  • Another method to open a sliding window is using a thin hacksaw blade. This method is helpful if you are locked outside and need access inside the home. There is a small gap in some windows between the two panels. You can insert the thin hacksaw blade through this gap and flip the latch to unlock the windows. If there is no gap between the windows or you cannot insert the blade, you can drill a hole in the window. Drill the hole near the latch so you can reach it easily with the blade. Flip the latch, and the window will unlock. 

Hung Sash Windows

These windows slide upwards and downwards to open and close. It consists of two window sashes lined up against each other. There are two types of hung sash windows: Single Hung Sash Windows and Double Hung Sash Windows. The Single Hung Sash WIndow only has one movable panel. In the Double Hung Sash Window, both panels can move. These windows are housed in frames with vertical grooves that enable them to glide up and down without touching each other and causing damage. These windows can be aluminum, wood, and vinyl.

It has a rotating cam on top of the frame outside the window. At the bottom, there is a hook attached to the frame that makes the panels slide. It can either have a barrel lock or a sash lock or both of them for additional security. 

How to open Hung Sash Windows?

  • Skim the surface of the groove between the panel and the frame with a knife. If the window still doesn’t open, the window might be jammed with the window frame. Now, between the window frame and the panel, insert a scraper. Gently tap the scraper with a hammer. 
  • If the window does not open with the first method, try opening it from outside. Insert the pry bar under the windowsill. Jiggle the pry bar to slide the moveable panel. If the window does not open, repeat the same process on another side of the window sill. 

Casement Windows

It includes one or more hinges that secure a casement window to its frame. Casement windows have a side hinge. These window locks are compatible with both wooden and metal casement windows. They provide various options ranging from entirely locking the window to limiting how far it can open. Casement windows move horizontally on their hinges, which is one of their distinguishing features. They come with a barrel lock or hook-and-lock that is difficult to open if the key is lost somehow. Lockout service in Melrose Park can help you open this type of lock if you lose your keys.

How to open Casement Windows?

  • Scrape any dry paint between the window frame and the sash with a scraper. To do so, tap the scraper’s end with a hammer lightly to dig deep into the window space. Carry on with the outer surface in the same manner. 
  • Place a sheet wrapped around a small wooden block against the panel. Using a hammer, pound the block until the leftover debris is shaken loose. Repeat the procedure around the window to release anything that might be holding it in place.
  • The hinges could also be a problem in casement windows. The hinges can get rusty, and screws also get loose over time. Lubricate the hinges to prevent friction. 

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