Redundancy fund, increase in amount in 2022: how much is due and to whom

More substantial layoffs from 1 January 2022 with the increase in the amount thanks to the elimination of the first ceiling, although not for all. How much is due in the paycheck and to whom?

The redundancy fund will increase in the amount from next year thanks to the innovations introduced by the 2022 Budget Law still in draft and which is about to begin the parliamentary process given its approval by the end of the year.

From 1 January 2022 in the payslip of the worker in layoffs, the monthly salary is due, which takes into account only the second ceiling revalued annually by INPS as established by decree n.148 / 2015.

The first ceiling of the 2015 decree, which makes the number of layoffs lower than the 80% established on the insurance card, is eliminated. This will not affect everyone from January 2022 as we will see in detail.

So let’s see how much and for whom the layoffs increase from January 2022.

Redundancy fund: what is due from 2022 with the increase in the amount

The amount of the redundancy fund in the payslip has increased from January 2022 with the elimination of the first ceiling of the ceiling of 998 euros gross for those with monthly wages equal to or less than 2,159.48 euros in 2021.

The amount of the redundancy fund, which should be 80% of the salary, must, in any case, consider the maximum limit foreseen that in the first band of 998 euros gross is less from 1 January 2022.

From next year, only the second ceiling of € 1,199 gross will remain in force, which today is for wages above € 2,159.

However, nothing changes for those with a salary of 1,200 euros with the redundancy fund from 2022 since 80% of the salary, in this case, is still lower than the first ceiling. The same applies to salaries above € 2,159 not affected by the change, as it is already necessary to refer to the second limit.

The change in the redundancy fund that increases in the amount in the paycheck from 2022 is part of the reform of the social safety nets which finds ample space in the Maneuver and which concerns not only those in constant employment but also those for the involuntary loss of the same as Naspi and DIS-COLL.

Redundancy fund and more: new amount also for Nappi

But the change in the amount does not only concern the layoffs from January 2022 but also Nappi.

The décalage mechanism that reduces the Naspi amount by 3% each month from the quarter of use is modified and postponed to the sixth. In detail with the Budget Law:

  • the actual 30 days of work in the last year are eliminated ;
  • the mechanism for reducing the amount of unemployment benefit is postponed from the fourth month to the sixth month;
  • décalage from the eighth month for those over 55;
  • Starting from 1 January 2022, Naspi also receives permanent agricultural workers from cooperatives and their consortia that transform, manipulate and market agricultural and livestock products.

The new mechanism for reducing the amount, which therefore increases compared to the rules currently envisaged for the fourth and fifth months, also concerns the DIS-COLL. For the confirmations, however, it is necessary to wait for the definitive and official text of the 2022 Budget Law.


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