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This article will discover everything on Reconversion Crowdfunding of Re-lender, the new platform of real estate crowdfunding, just launched, that enriches the existing offer with some interesting new elements.

I have always been a fan of crowdfunding initiatives and the possibility of financing development projects in various fields with small amounts.

Today, technology makes it possible to invest in new insurance sectors and to do so with small amounts, but very interesting returns.

This is obviously in the face of a high risk that can nevertheless be managed by carefully studying investment projects and limiting investments in these initiatives to a small portion of the portfolio.

The real estate market has always aroused my interest in the earning possibilities and the charm of some projects.

You can think what you want, but many investors were born and enriched themselves with real estate.

That’s why when real estate crowdfunding platforms were born I was immediately attracted to them and today I think that this investment will become more and more common for all of us.

Re-lender was born from the experience of long-time real estate investors and stands as the Italian alternative to HousersCrowdestate, and more since platforms are born every day also in Italy.

Let’s see how it works and what this new platform offers.

In this article

  • What is Real Estate Crowdfunding?
  • What is Re-Lender?
  • The Re-lender Team
  • How to start investing in Re-lender?
  • How much does the investment in Re-Lender pay off?
  • How is the investment in Re-Lender taxed?
  • Conclusions

What is Real Estate Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is the ability for people to join together to invest in a project.

In the case of real estate, it is, therefore, a question of forming a group of investors to buy a property, make it income, and resell it at a higher price.

However, these operations will not turn you into a timeshare owner.

Most of the crowdfunding platforms, including Re-Lender, also for a matter of operational ease, are more than anything else financing platforms.

They provide for the existence of a subject defined as a promoter who is the true architect of the initiative and who is the one who owns the assets.

The promoter is the person who launches a real estate initiative, asks for a loan from a group of investors, buys the property, puts it into income, and with the proceeds of the operation repays the loan and interest to the people who believed in the project.

This is why we often talk about lending crowdfunding.

What is Re-Lender?

Re – Lender is an Italian company active since 2019 in Crowdfunding.

It has a share capital of over 2 million euros and is based in Milan at Corso di Porta Vittoria 9 and in Madrid at Calle Gran Via 4.

Acts as an agent of the Spanish Pay Area payment institution, authorized to provide payment services by the Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad and registered in the register of payment institutions held by the Spanish Bank under number 6869 authorized to perform the service of payment services in Italy under the European passport regime.

Unlike other crowdfunding operators, Re-lender proposes itself as an operator specialized in industrial, real estate, ecological or urban reconversion projects.

It should therefore focus on highly speculative and therefore profitable projects with also a noble intent which is the recovery of abandoned areas or areas to be redeveloped.

How to start investing in Re-lender?

To start investing and view investment projects, you can register for free on the platform’s website.

At this point, you can deposit by bank transfer or credit card and start lending.

To see the active projects, just go to the loan section and click on the single project.

Here you can view all the documentation on the single operation and check the rating assigned by the platform to the project.

The investment can be made starting from 50 Euros and this makes it very easy to differentiate your portfolio with different projects in terms of location, duration, and type.

How much does the investment in Re-Lender pay off?

The first project presented has a yield of 9%, paid with monthly interest and a rating of B.

I must say that for this type of investment I expect returns of this magnitude.

They will be higher for lower-rated projects and vice versa.

Also, remember that usually, the platforms offer higher returns at the beginning also from a promotional point of view, and therefore it is easy that with time the returns may go down.

How is the investment in Re-Lender taxed?

The proceeds of this activity are taxed at 26% and the payment of taxes is made at source by the platform acting as a withholding agent.

Management is therefore very convenient and simplified.


If you want to invest in a new platform, I think that Re-lender represents a good alternative to the existing ones also with a view to differentiation.

I have a good impression given the track record of the founder.

She has just been born and therefore she is still a bit unripe. I think it should be implemented to align the service with that of other operators who are already operating successfully.

I immediately point out that to date there is no self-investment mechanism and there is no active secondary market.

However, I know that Re-lender is working and therefore I am confident that the service will soon be integrated with interesting news, also taking inspiration from the best operators in the sector.

Today finance offers really interesting opportunities and Re-Lender must be seen in this context.

However, do not forget that these are high-risk investments so it is important to be careful and not to risk a large portion of your capital.

I am not your financial advisor, but I want to recommend that you never invest in instruments like these if you cannot afford to lose your investment.

As always, I will lead the way and start investing, to tell you how it works and how much I get.

I will do it in my monthly reports always starting with the classic 100 Euro test.

If you also intend to open an account and want to tell me your impressions, write in the comments or follow me on social networks.

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