Pre Wedding Blues: Quick Ways to Deal with It

The wedding season has started and preparations are in place. To-be brides and grooms are gearing up for their big day and efforts are in place to make it a happy and memorable day.

Most brides fantasize about a fairytale wedding, they often ignore the stress and anxiety that comes along. Experts believe that as they try to ignore and compress this pressure away, and unknowingly giving rise to mental health concerns.

While some become prey to anxiety, stress, depression, and even anger management, others have a possibility of facing stuttering and communication problems. This may call for a need to reach out for mental wellness activities, consulting a doctor, and going for speech therapy Dubai.

Although, these all are serious cases of Monday blue, below mentioned are some of the ways to tackle them:

Acceptance is the First Step

Wedding planning can be a fabulous, yet daunting task. Amidst all the happening preparations, mental illness diagnosis can add to the toughness. At such times, many people fail to accept it and go into denial. But remember, it is not a way out. Rather, adjust your approach and accept your condition. It is truly empowering and helps you on the road to recovery. It also allows you to understand your needs, and compose yourself.

Communicate to Let It Out

Communication allows you to talk about what’s going around. One can talk about their struggles, challenges, and what is causing the stress. Opening up about what’s bothering you can help you greatly with opening up the path to recovery.

An effective way is to open up about your struggle to your loved ones. They are the closest ones and know how to help you in combating the fears, struggles, and challenges.

Open Your Heart to Your Partner

Pre-wedding pressures and anxiety are mostly caused by fear of uncertainties. Obviously, we do not know what the future holds. But as much fantasy and fairy tale beginning we all believe it to be, reality can fall short of it. Therefore, it is best to talk and confide in your partner. This person is going to be with you in all the ups and downs, in sickness and health, so make sure to count on him. Unconditional love and emotional support from the other person can quickly break you free from troubles and relieve you.

Look for the Trigger Points

Stress of all categories, including pre-wedding stress, has a reason behind. Therefore, look for the trigger points. Is it the budget bracket, arrangements, guest list, distant loved ones affecting you? Whatever the source is, make sure you are able to combat it and minimize the signs of relapse and breakdowns.

Meditate and Self-care

Self-care allows you to take a break and unwind from the ongoing happenings. One can do so by taking a few days off from work, going on a short holiday, getting a spa treatment, massage or a facial treatment. Sometimes, meeting a close friend, going on a social media detox can also help you with fast recovery.

Moving On

Most people tend to ignore this pressure and continue moving ahead. But that is not the right way. Instead, one should try to resolve these sources of problems by consulting the best psychologist in Dubai. True happiness comes from inside, so make sure you are able to deal with it and are able to enjoy your big day as you start your new life ahead.

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