5 Outdoor Team building Activities to Try with Your Teammates

Managing a group of people is always a difficult task especially when they are members of a team. One of the best and most effective ways to make everyone get along with each other is by trying out some team building activities together. Doing this will give them the opportunity to mix up with each other and bond stronger.

When people meet each other continuously in the same setting or context every single time, it’s easy to believe that you solely define the person by the role they play. Like for instance, when you see your teacher out of school, you’re actually shocked to see that they can be there too. The basic purpose of team building activities is to break the routine and allow fellow employees to interact with each other out of work premises.

With this being said, today, we’re going to talk about some fun team building activities that you should definitely try out with your team.

Emotional Bus

It is a one-of-its-kind activity that will give your employees a learning experience. You’ll need 6 or more participants for this activity. After gathering everyone, break them in pairs and let the fun begin.

Write different emotions on a sheet of paper, then cut and fold them and put them in a bowl. Ask a pair to come forwards and take out a paper from the bowl. They have to act out the emotion that is mentioned on the paper in a given scenario. The rest of the crowd will guess the emotion they’re trying to portray. The pair who makes the right guess wins the game.

Scavenger Hunt

Get ready for a spectacular adventure with Scavenger Hunt and try this fun-filled activity with your team. Solving mysteries is always fun, especially when you get to solve clues along the way.

For this activity, you can take your team on a whirlwind adventure around the nearest park in your city! For example, you can choose Aventura Parks, the best park in Dubai, for this outdoor team building game. Your team can reach brand new heights as they solve clues, follow hints and try to figure out what comes next.

All you need to do is to hide hints in different places throughout the course and then, break your team into groups of 4 or 5 people. Once everything is sorted, let the fun begin as every team will have to find these clues and complete the game.

I’m An Employee Get Me Out of Here

A game based on the renowned TV reality show I’m A Celebrity – Get Me Out Of Here is another fantastic idea for corporate team building activities. This game is particularly interesting for those teammates who fancy themself to be a real daredevil.

For this activity, you need to choose a rough terrain that is not easy to complete. Divide your team into different groups and make them compete with each other. The teams have to complete the set trials within the given time and whichever team completes them first wins.

This way your teams will be tested with all sorts of creepy crawling games in a bid to win the game. Although this game may sound like your worst nightmare, rest assured your teammates are going to love it and will have a great time. You can choose any park in Dubai that has rugged terrain for this activity. 


Taking your team to a paintball battle zone arena is also a great idea to create understanding and strategy building in them. For example, you can take your team to Battle Park in Dubai, they have an incredible paintball zone where you and your team can enjoy.

During this epic game play, your team will learn how to work with others and they’ll also learn strategy planning. This heart-pumping game is an incredible way to get to know your team.

Pumpkin Carvings

With October 31st just around the corner, creepiness is in the air. So, which game can be more suitable for this season than pumpkin carving? To get the creepiness floating in your workplace, hold a pumpkin carving competition and let the spookiest one win.

To add a bit of more fun, you can even hold a competition to carve out your company’s name or logo. Spend an evening full of laughs with your team while carving out initials, company’s logo and even your colleagues’ faces. For further encouragement, you can even put them out as decorations outside your office.

We hope that by trying these fun-filled team building activities in Dubai, you’ll have a great time out with your workforce.

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