N95 Masks: Everything You Need to Know Before You Buy One

Face masks and shields have become extremely important and gained immense popularity among people worldwide since the pandemic struck us. 

N95 marks are tight-sealed face masks that filter out at least 95% small and large airborne particles. N95 masks are the most effective among the different masks available in the market. When someone is wearing an N95 mask, they are protecting themselves and others who come near them. 

Besides wearing masks, there are also other safety measures that you need to follow. These include reducing physical interactions and staying home. But if you leave home, you should also take proper precautions. 

The right method of wearing an N95 mask

N95 masks are made with lightweight, structured foam that would fit over the mouth and nose easily. But before we start with how you can wear the mask properly, keep in mind that the n95 pollution mask should never be near oil aerosols as they can damage the filter. 

Here are six simple steps that you need to follow:

  1. First, wash your hands before you touch the mask. 
  2. Take the mask and place it over your chin, mouth, and nose. Tuck the mask’s bottom securely on the chin to ensure that everything is covered properly. 
  3. Stretch the bottom band of the mask and position it properly under the ears. After that, stretch the top band of the mask and position it at the top back of the head. 
  4. Now you will find a thin metal wire on the upper edge of the mask. Press it firmly on the bridge of the nose. This will help in securing the mask against your face and prevent it from falling while you are travelling or working. 
  5. Test the mask once before you set out. Exhale and check for air leakages around the face. 

Note: Only buy masks that are certified by relevant organizations. This would ensure that you are buying the best air pollution mask for yourself. 

Things to keep in mind when you use an n95 mask

  • The mask is only effective when you are wearing it in the right way. Prevent any leakages and ensure all the face contours are covered properly to prevent any virus from travelling inside the mask. 
  • You do not have to wear a disposable or surgical mask under the n95 mask. This would result in vision obstruction and breathing problems. 
  • Do not share your masks with others, even with your family members. 

Wrapping Up

Face masks help in reducing SARS-CoV-2 by preventing its transmission among people. The mask prevents the virus-laden droplets from getting inside the mouth and nose of unaffected people. There have been various recommendations when it comes to using the best air pollution mask. And make sure that you are following the latest safety guidelines to keep yourself and others safe.

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