Little Virtuous Deeds with Bigger Divine Rewards

It’s a really unjust and ignorant notion to associate Islam with terrorism, xenophobia, and extremism. It is the name of peace in which a person gets exemplary rewards of his/her every single minute virtuous deed. A person with a good character and good deeds is loved and regarded by Allah (SWT). This beautiful religion is not a mere name of prayers, continuous worshipping and going on Religious pilgrimages of Hajj and Umrah.

Islam- Positivity Beyond Religion

Whenever the word Islam strikes in your conscience, always remember that it is far beyond the outskirts of prayers, worshipping, religious itineraries and so on. In fact, it is the welcoming message of peace, friendship, and brotherhood. It is the blissful name of the wellbeing of Mankind. It is the name of the well-wishing of your fellows. It is the name of minimizing the worries of your fellas. Hence it is the ultimate name of positivity. So before forming any negativity against its Motto, read it know it and understand it.

Good Deeds and their Significance

Being a Muslim really means to go beyond the horizons of spirituality and worshipping. A Muslim must be mindful that every single virtuous deed, how minute it appears, becomes a gateway for Allah’s clemency. The committing of good deeds makes the life of a person better and more contented than before. Good deeds make you realize that Islam is the religion of society. It is a complete code of life and the afterlife. Whatever good you do, you get the rewards doubled up in your life.

It is the greatness of our Almighty Allah (SWT) that his Mercy and compassion supersedes his wrath and anger. He is the most merciful personality who loves you even more than the 70 mothers. He hurries more to reward you (even on your minute deeds) than projecting his wrath over your sins.

Significance of Righteousness in the Holy Quran

Allah (SWT) instructs his followers to stand virtuous and upright. Whatever good they commit to their followers would be rewarded with the bestest by Almighty Allah (SWT) alone.  Allah in Holy Quran says that “Whoever works righteousness whether male or female while he (or she) is a true believer (of Islamic Monotheism) verily, to him We will give a good life (in this world with respect, contentment, and lawful provision), and We shall pay them certainly a reward in proportion to the best of what they used to do (i.e. Paradise in the Hereafter)”

This soothing verse of the Holy Quran is fair and sufficient enough to boost up the confidence and courage in the Muslims to stand upright against every hurdle of this fleeting world.

Virtuous Deeds with Virtuous Intentions

Perform every good deed with a pure intended heart and virtuous intentions. Because Good intention and good deeds are the two separate things. You must intend your good deeds to seek the mere blessings of Allah (SWT).

Whatever good you do must be in accordance with the will of Allah (SWT). Because Satan always endeavors to put an evil of Riyahwhich is called Show off in Islam. It is a social evil in which the people perform good deeds just to get the appreciation of their fellows and colleagues.

However, this evil eradicates your Divine reward altogether and your goodness goes into the wastebasket. In this regard, the Holy Prophet (SAW) said: “The reward of deeds depends upon the intentions and every person will get the reward according to what he has intended.” (Sahih Bukhari).

So our good intention is an inevitable key to open the door of rightful goodness for ourselves.

Little the Good Deeds, Bigger the Rewards

The Holy Prophet (SAW) has said his followers not to hesitate in promoting even the smallest deed of goodness and kindness. If a person removes a stone that creates hurdles for the walkers, he gets rewarded by Allah (SWT).  The Holy Prophet (SAW) has directed us to hasten in good deeds to increase our chances to get Allah’s rewards in our life and afterlife. He (SAW) says that

“Hasten to do good deeds before there come tribulations like pieces of a dark night when a man will be a believer in the morning and a kaafir by evening, or he will be a believer in the evening and a kaafir by morning, selling his religious commitment for worldly gain” (Muslim).

A Short Catalogue of Must-taken Virtuous Steps every day

Following is the short list of good deeds which we must continue every day to increase our rewards from Allah (SWT).

Pray in Congregation

Make the 5 times Prayer an inseparable part of your life. The men must offer their prayer in the congregation while the women must resume their prayer habits in their homes. There are several worldly benefits of Conglomeration Prayer for the men. Through the conglomeration prayer, a person is able to socialize with his fellows. He gets to know about their situations, forms and strengthens the bond of friendship and brotherhood.

Give Charity Every Day

It is strongly recommended to increase and purify your wealth with charity or Sadqah. No matter how small it is. Indeed, Charity begins at home. Look for the most deserving fellows among your family friends and colleagues. Help those white-collar needy fellas with your money. But never show off or degrade them later. Because it’s your religious and social responsibility to take care of your deserving fellows. Even the smallest charity acts become a source of utmost contention in life.

Attend Funeral and Funeral Prayer

Allah (SWT) has reserved uncountable spiritual rewards for the ones who are ever ready to become a selfless helping hand of their ailing fellows. These upfront people are the fellows of great worth and honor. In this regard, the Holy Prophet (SAW) said: “Whoever attends a funeral until he offers the (funeral) prayer will have one qiraat (of the reward) and whoever attends until the burial is done will have two qiraats.” It was asked: “What are the two qiraats?” He said: “Like two great mountains (Bukhari)

Avoid Backbiting

Backbiting or Gheebah is one of the cruelest social evil prevailing in our society. This evil makes the person vulnerable to Allah ‘s wrath and annoyance. It is the agonizing source of anarchy and turbulence in society. If you find any fault or problem with your fellow, go and talk to him or her directly for his/her future rectification. Don’t disclose or discuss them with your other fellows in his/her absence. Otherwise, you would get into hot waters. Because the Holy Prophet (SAW) said that

“Backbiting is more Intense than Adultery (Zinah)” (Al-Bayaqi). So it’s advised to practice Silence. It is the best way to protect yourself from this intentional sin. Instead of backbiting, keep your tongue busy in Dhikr

Reply to Azaan

Azaan is the call to Prayer with thought-provoking and soothing words. The Holy Prophet (SAW) directed the Muslims to listen and reply to it. They would be rewarded with this small virtuous act.

Recite Quran

Whoever recites the Holy Quran daily would surely be rewarded by Allah (SWT). According to the Holy Prophet (SAW), the recitation of every single word of the Quran brings 10 rewards. So reciting and understanding a few words of the Quran would multiply our rewards on a daily basis.

Ask Forgiveness

Say Astagfaar to Allah (SWT) every day for every sin you committed the whole day. Slavishly ask forgiveness from Allah’s clemency for the sins every day. This beautiful act would eradicate your sins

Be Thankful to Allah (SWT)

What a soothing word is Alhamdulilah! Allah says in the Quran that if a person is thankful to his Creator for whatever he gets, he would be rewarded from his mercy. So be thankful to him every day for his countless blessings upon you


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