Is Candle Wax Edible? Unveil the Truth Right Here to Enjoy It Safely!

Do you know what the candles you use to light up the rooms are made from? 

The answer is – Wax. Some other minor elements are added to this wax so that it helps make fire uninterruptedly. This wax is usable for many other purposes, too. The regular soap and even some cosmetic items in the market contain different amounts of wax.

Is candle wax edible? Not at all. When it is about candle wax, it’s surely a big NO. 

Did you ever try to swallow some wax? You must end up in the middle of the trial to swallow down this chemical. The candle is mixed with chemicals like crude oil to make the fire quickly. 

This petroleum makes it near impossible to eat and digest candle wax.

Simply put, candles are not to eat. Instead, learn the other best and most effective usages of candles and wax. This study might be the best guide to suggest to you the incredible things about candle wax.

Is Candle Wax Edible?

Is Candle Wax Edible Or Not

So, you shouldn’t try intentionally to eat candle wax. Instead, you can use this element in varied areas to produce great things. 

This study delved into the world of candle wax to dig out the ins and outs of this most used ingredient. Just go through the findings here to make the best use of wax, avoiding all possible risks and dangers.

Let’s check out the findings below and try to apply them practically!

What Is Wax Made Of?

The reason behind you cannot eat candle wax lies with the ingredients it is mixed with. While the core element for making candles is wax, some other chemicals like paraffin, citric acid, and stearic acid are also added. Besides, cetyl alcohol, polyethylene glycols, methyl salicylate, ethyl hexanol, and octyldodecanol are present in small amounts.

Some more names on this list are beeswax, carnauba wax, cork grease, shellac, spermaceti, etc. These chemicals have their own purposes, which together make a candle attractive to look at and an effective performer for the longest possible time.

These elements in candles have their distinctive purposes; they surely don’t make the wax an edible item. 

What Happens If You Eat A Little Bit of Candle Wax?

Primarily, when you eat a small amount of wax, it doesn’t pose any severe threats to you. The acute problem arises when someone takes it regularly or in large amounts. 

Then candle wax can put you into odd situations and sometimes great troubles!

First of all, you will feel uneasy in the mouth. You may feel burning in the throat and also the stomach. Sometimes, depending on the amount and frequency, you might have digestion problems. 

As you have seen the ingredients above, some of these can cause cancer, too. But fortunately, the rate of these treats is extremely low.

Nevertheless, you shouldn’t eat candle wax. Moreover, you must keep them from children, especially when you see them interested in eating wax.

Is Wax Poisonous to Eat?

When you inhale wax directly for a long time, more or less all kinds of waxes can trouble you. Then all waxes are poisonous to you. But in normal situations and considerations, beeswax, coconut wax, and soy wax are relatively more harmful both to human health and the environment.

Paraffin wax is the only name that might give you the best lighting for the longest time with the sweetest fragrance. So, in case you don’t have any obligation, always go for this candle wax. 

Are Birthday Candles Edible?

Are Birthday Candles Edible?

Birthday parties must have a cake with a candle or more on it. Then it is very natural to eat the wax with the delicious cake. So, you are not free from the risk as both regular and birthday candles are made from the same ingredients. 

Though some edible birthday candles are available, you never know if your eaten one is specially made or not. So, first, make sure of the ingredients and then eat them.

What Should You Do When You Eat Candle Wax?

In case you eat a small amount of candle wax, whether intentionally or unknowingly, you need not be panicked because you have some ways to get rid of it. First of all, if there is any small piece of the candle in your mouth, take it out. You can gargle with water.

But if you realize that the portion has already reached the stomach, drink a glass of water. Things should be normal gradually. If you still feel nervous, consult an expert.

Which Candle Wax Is Best?

Among all the names, i.e., soy wax, beeswax, coconut wax, and others, paraffin is considered the safest, cheapest, and above all, best. 

In respect of health risk, shape, shine, smell, coverage, and above all, cost, this is far better than others.

The most appreciated aspect of paraffin wax is it releases the least amount of toluene, benzene, etc. These are called Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), which are responsible for causing severe diseases like asthma and even cancer, too.

So, while choosing a candle, you must consider both the service it can back you and its effect on your health and environment. Then you have hardly any better alternative to paraffin wax.

Final Thought

As candles have direct connections to human health, safety, and environmental causes, you must have some knowledge of candle wax to always get things right. 

This is exactly what the study tried to work with by unveiling the issues about the wax in candles. Is candle wax edible? When mixed with some chemicals to prepare this paraffin wax for producing candles, it becomes unsuitable and, at times, risky to eat. You might have trouble in your mouth, digestion issues, or pains in the stomach then.

This happens because of the chemical ingredients added to the wax. Unless and until you don’t have a clear idea about the candles of a birthday cake, you should avoid the wax, too. Not that all birthday candles are edible.

So, don’t forget to follow the suggestions above regarding candles and wax to ensure healthy and safe consumption!

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