How To Dress For Your Body Type

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Dressing for your body type means finding the clothes that feel right to you. Body positivity is an essential aspect of self-love. If you want to feel confident in your clothes, you need to feel comfortable dressing for your body type. Here are some suggestions for doing just that! 

Honor Your Body Frame

Everyone has a different body frame. By remaining aware of your height, weight, and general proportions, you can make the best choices for the clothes and fashion jewelry you wear. It is essential to dress based on the clothes meant for your body frame so that you can feel comfortable in whatever you’re wearing. 

Don’t try to wear clothes that aren’t meant for your shape. Honor your unique body shape and wear clothes that support your build. If you have a small frame, you might consider women petites clothing. You’ll find an easier time finding a selection of tops and bottoms that are not too long for your frame. 

Factor In Comfort

Dressing for your body type is about dressing comfortably. What feels comfortable to one person may feel uncomfortable to the next. Determining which clothing items make you feel the most comfortable is crucial. As long as you are dressing in ways that feel authentic to you, you’re styling right! 

Try on different styles and see what types of clothes fit you the best. To get started, you might look into different styles of jeans. Mid-length, low-cut, high-rise, and boyfriend jeans as just some of the options to consider.

Different cuts of jeans are designed to fit different body shapes and meet individual comfort standards. Explore what works the best for your body type and find the clothes you feel comfortable in.

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Try Different Fabrics

Your skin type can influence the clothes you wear as well. If you have sensitive skin, you might be more susceptible to allergic reactions to certain fabrics, such as velvet or nylon. If you find that you sweat a lot, fabrics like leather or thick cotton may not be ideal for you.

Avoid shopping for your clothes online and try things on in person. You want to be able to see how your skin responds to different kinds of fabrics. This way, you can find clothes that are made of fabrics that work for you. 

Organic materials like linen and vintage sustainable finds might be some gentler fabrics to try out first! You can try different sweatpants and pajamas first to get a general feel for the types of fabrics that work best for you. Ease into the process and work your way up to finding denim, dress pants, and other clothes that rely on harsher fabrics for daily wear. 

Wear Flattering Patterns

To accentuate your body frame, you can use stripes to outline the shape of your figure. Look for dress pants with pinstripes down the center or sweaters with vertical stripes to elongate your frame. Avoid horizontal stripes as this can make you look wider than you appear. Find the patterns and designs that work best for you and how you like to dress. There is no right or wrong in fashion as long as you dress in ways that feel true to you! 

The Bottom Line 

Dressing for your body type is about finding the clothes that work for you and your shape. Factor in your comfort and how your skin responds to different fabrics to find clothing options that work the best for you. Don’t forget to include flattering patterns that showcase your figure so you can feel confident in what you’re wearing. Now, get styling!  

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