How Does a Lawyer Work?

For any lawyer, it is important to have a law degree from an accredited university. The lawyers are meant to help people who do not follow the laws but they need help with litigation. The lawyers in dubai are hired by people for their expertise in civil and criminal laws. Hiring a lawyer is relaxing for people who are traumatized by the nature of the legal case. The lawyers have extensive knowledge about the country’s law. Therefore, they know how to implement laws in a legal case to resolve it quickly. Though, every lawyer tries to make an amicable settlement out of court, because the court decisions are delayed. It also depends on the sensitivity of the case. Some cases can be managed out of court, such as cases involving documents – employment contracts or any other. 

The job of a legal consultant is to walk you through the case on legal grounds and help you to know better on your case. He will let you know your rights and how you can fairly win the legal case. Moreover, the lawyer needs to be a good listener to retain clients and work responsibly on the case. He should have great analytical skills because that will get him all the relevant information in one place. After having a look at the case, he can come up with better solutions. A lawyer should never give false hopes to the client. The lawyers in UAE (mostly in Dubai) have professional communication skills. They are friendly, yet accommodating and talented to manage the legal case for their valuable clients. 

As a client, it is important for you to know that giving a lawyer his fee does not guarantee the win of the case. You have to trust your lawyer, because then only he can help you out. He should give you a complete outlook of your case after doing a complete analysis. Therefore, if you need to spend wisely. Look out for the budget and hire a lawyer who falls in your budget and provides full legal support to your case.

Bank Guarantee

International investors undergo multiple financial transactions daily, which has given rise to the use of bank guarantees in Dubai. Although the rules and regulations regarding a bank guarantee are similar in Dubai as compared to other countries, it is important to consult lawyers in Dubai to understand bank guarantees in-depth, according to the local laws and regulations, so that any issues in the future can be avoided.

A bank guarantee is issued by a bank and is considered a commercial activity. Therefore, it is governed by the Commercial Transactions Law and the Civil Transactions Law.

The terms and conditions to be fulfilled by the bank are different from the terms and conditions of the contract signed between parties other than the bank. The principal debtor has different obligations towards the beneficiary and the bank has different obligations.

Some important points regarding a bank guarantee, according to the Commercial Transactions Law, are as follows:

  • The bank guarantee must be of a specific amount. In case, the amount is not properly specified, the bank guarantee will not be enforceable.
  • Although, it is not obligatory to specify a time limit for the bank guarantee, however, if a time limit is mentioned, the guarantee will be considered expired after the period mentioned on the guarantee elapses.
  • In case a time limit is not mentioned on a bank guarantee, the bank guarantee will expire after 10 years from the date of issuance of the guarantee, as per law.
  • Furthermore, the period for the payment after the invocation of the bank guarantee can be decided at the time of issuance of the bank guarantee, with a mutual understanding of all parties.

It is important to understand that the debtor, as well as the lender, should be completely aware of all the terms and conditions put forth in a bank guarantee as these conditions can have a major impact in the future. Both parties should consult lawyers who can help them in understanding the bank guarantee and the terms and conditions of the guarantee.

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