How much does it cost to have a pool at home?

Who has never dreamed of having a pool at home and enjoying those hot days with family and friends? But for many people, this dream becomes a nightmare just by imagining the cost of owning and maintaining a swimming pool.

The big surprise is that the materials, equipment and accessories needed for the construction and maintenance of swimming pools have become more accessible in recent years.

Currently, it is possible to find swimming pools produced in different materials and with prices starting at $ 13 thousand with installation, and this amount can be paid in installments, making payment even easier and making the dream possible.

However, it is necessary to consider that having a swimming pool at home also involves costs with chemicals, maintenance and raising the value of the water and electricity bill.

Also, it’s important to remember that prices can vary by region, but if you want to get a rough idea of ​​how much it costs to have a pool at home, check out our post today.

Models versus pricing: what’s the difference?

If you’ve already started researching swimming pools, you’ve certainly noticed that there are several brands and models on the market, as well as sizes and shapes.

To choose the perfect pool for you, you need to consider the available space, your preference and, of course, your budget.

A widely used measure is 4 m wide x 8 m long and 1.4 meters deep. To have one of these pools installed, you need to make an investment of at least $ 13 thousand.

Fiberglass and vinyl pools are priced around 70% below the price of concrete or masonry pools, which cost an average of $30,000.

In addition to the quality of the material, this higher cost is also justified by its durability: having a masonry or concrete pool is to choose a product that will last for around 30 years.

The cost of installing a fiber pool is lower, due to the fact that the preparation of the land is simpler: it is necessary to excavate and organize the base and sides so that they accommodate the structure. The durability of this material is usually shorter. But, if properly installed and with ongoing maintenance, its service life can be longer. The frame is durable, but the paint typically shows signs of wear after 10 years of use. For Residential Plumbing Services Consult Here

It is important to remember that the size of the pool also influences the capacity of the equipment needed: the larger it is, the greater will also be the required pump power and filter capacity. Therefore, to have a swimming pool at home, you need to consider this investment.

Maintaining a pool: what you need to know:

To have a pool at home, you will need to do two types of maintenance: physical and chemical.

Physical maintenance consists of filtering, brushing, vacuuming and sifting the pool, and the investment required to buy the materials does not enter into the monthly cost, as you will only buy the equipment once. You will spend approximately $ 250.00.

If you choose to hire the services of a company to do this cleaning, the monthly cost of physical maintenance will be approximately $300.00.

Chemical maintenance is responsible for keeping the water crystal clear and sanitized. To have a pool at home, you will need to invest in products that are indispensable, such as chlorine, pH and chlorine test kits, sponges and edge cleaners.

The quantities of products used in water treatment vary according to the pool water volume, type of treatment, frequency of use and time of year.

Considering the application of all these products, the average monthly expense can vary from $ 45.00 for a small pool (5.00 x 2.5 x 1.40) to $ 120, approximately, for a large one (4, 00 x 8.00 x 1.40)

Having a swimming pool at home is an important decision and one that must be well planned, after all, it can have great benefits and the property’s valuation and differentiation, but don’t forget that there is an investment to be made and a careful maintenance that must be followed.

Remember that the values ​​shown in the post may vary according to the region where the materials are purchased and the particularities of each pool store in the place.

Oh, don’t forget to consider in this equation all the pleasant moments together with those you love that will be provided by this investment! In addition, this investment generates appreciation and differentiation for your property. Taking this into account, the cost/benefit will be very positive!

Start searching right now and choose the professionals who will make the dream of having a pool at home come true for you and your family.

So, do you think the cost of having a pool at home fits your budget? If you have any questions, you already know: write to us through the comments and until next time.

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