How Do You Select The Correct Charger For Your Ipad?

Chargers have so many variants, variations, and companies to choose from today. It can be quite a confusing journey if you don’t know what to look for. If you’re an Apple device owner looking for a USB-C to lightning cable for Ipad then read on. We have a list of important things you need to consider while choosing a charger!

Which Ipad model do you have?

Knowing the model of your device is extremely important while choosing a charger. Every year Apple upgrades certain specifications of its devices. While the battery may not be upgraded every year, the charging system is.

Ipad models have different specifications every year. Due to the changes in the battery the compatibility and the power output of the charging brick matter a lot.

How to check the IPAD model number?

There are two different ways to know the model number of your Ipad. The first method is by going into your settings and tapping the general option. Then select info and find the model listing. Besides the Model option, you’ll find a number starting with M. Tapping this will allow you to check the model number of your Ipad. Check it before USB-C to lightning cable for Ipad.

Models and compatibility

Different power adapters have different power outputs. Let’s take a look at various Ipad models and their power adapter suitability.

  • USB-C 18 W Adapter – The 18 W adapter is typically compatible with Ipad Pro (2018 or newer), Ipad Air (4th generation) and the Ipad (8th generation).
  • USB-A 12 W power adapter – The 12 W power adapter with a type-A USB cable is adaptable with Ipad Pro (2016 and 2017), Ipad mini (5th generation), Ipad Air (3rd generation) and the Ipad (5th to 7th generation).
  • USB-A 10 W power adapter – This power adapter is compatible with limited Ipads like the Ipad air 1st and 2nd Generations, Ipad Mini 2nd to 4th generation, and Ipad 2nd Generation.

Why is getting a long charging cable beneficial?

Getting the longest USB-C charging cable has a plethora of benefits. A long cable is quite flexible for usage. You can connect your Ipad and not worry about the table being tugged at. It also reduces the chances of damage to the cable due to wear and tear.

Long cables are the perfect option for you if you like to use your Ipad while charging it at the same time. You can find these cables online with ease. We recommend going for a cable that’s at least a metre long to get a seamless experience.

Finding accessories for charging your Ipad has become easier with numerous online stores stocking up on these items. You can find the longest USB-C charging cable and suitable power bricks at these sites with ease.

A simple search online will yield numerous options and results. Remember to check all the details before making your purchase!

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