How Custom Boxes Provide Great Looking Skincare Packaging?

The cosmetic industry is one of the most booming ones globally. It enjoys a die-hard customer loyalty that doesn’t even deter during pandemics and economic slumps. You need to constructively devise your beauty custom boxes to make the most of this opportunity.

Customers place a certain value on their favorite beauty products. In the same way, they also hold the packaging boxes in high regard and consider them part of the overall purchase process. Due to a wide variation in products, cosmetic boxes come in all forms, shapes, and qualities. Be it an eyelash intensifying mascara, a moisturizing cream, or a hair volume boosting spray, every product requires a unique packaging style to fit the product and elevate its value.

When it comes to crafting the ideal packaging, your brand must seem better than the next alternative. Perceived box appeal is what matters when buyers make a brand selection among a sea of others.

How do cosmetic box designs affect customers?

Did you know that the beauty industry is slated for an annual growth rate of 5.3% from 2021 to 2027? Cosmetics and skincare have become an indispensable part of the modern lifestyle. Enhanced self-grooming awareness among both women and men has been the biggest factor fueling more demand for beauty products.

Cosmetic manufacturers have to constantly change their branding strategies to appear relevant to changing times and customer expectations. Innovative policies such as new product launches, promotions, and creative packaging are adopted to accelerate sales growth levels across all distribution channels.

Of all the stated branding strategies, it is the custom cosmetic packaging that stands out as a true representative of the brand image. The boxes can be modified in several creative and professional ways. High stakes ride on how customers react to your cosmetic boxes because that would invariably translate into sales revenues.

While planning to upgrade or design new cosmetic packaging, make sure that you incorporate the following components and consider essential design elements that make a significant contribution to brand awareness.

Choice of physical box components

Be mindful of the box materials you select for your beauty boxes. High-quality and durable packaging materials such as Kraft, cardboard, and corrugated are among the prominent choice for materials when it comes to providing maximum security to fragile cosmetic products.

Certain brands overlook the box construction aspect and hence lose out on acquiring more customers due to a lack of effective product protection. Several potential issues such as customer complaints can be avoided by crafting the boxes carefully.

Put custom box production to good use by opting for individual packaging for every variation of beauty items. Fragile products can be packaged more strongly than others. Likewise, all boxes can be given creative shapes too. You don’t have to get the usual box shapes. Innovative box forms save on extra materials, provide better product cover, and look stylish. Customers are sure to feel spellbound when they see an above-ordinary box appeal.

Use high-end printing

The printing on the product packaging boxes plays an important role in affecting consumer purchase behavior. Use high-color printing techniques i.e. digital and offset that produce top-notch printing results by using high-quality printing inks such as CMYK and PMS.

By employing high-grade printing techniques, you can get your required design printed professionally on the boxes. This would provide improved product exposure with the audience and stimulate impulsive purchases; an integral part of sales growth.

Clear fonts and suitable color hues make it easy to apprehend what the boxes convey to customers. The messages can vary from basic brand and product data to cross-selling, and information regarding upcoming promotions. Reliable printing converts ordinary boxes into engaging marketing tools.

custom boxes

Put up what really matters

Cosmetic custom boxes are a proven branding platform. But how much customers feel persuaded by the content depends on what is placed on these boxes.

Do you think printing your brand logo and name on the box bottom is worth it? We think not! There are certain box layout rules that must be followed. For instance, the brand logo should be placed on the most prominent box spot. Printing it on the edges or box corners will not effectively impart brand recognition.

Similarly, the product name and functions can follow suit. In-depth brand info like contact and website lick can come at the back. Marketing content containing new product launches, sales periods, and taglines can be placed on the box sides.

You must also decide what content would really make a difference. Avoid putting on too much that creates confusion. You can inform buyers of your social media handles, alternatively, to encourage them to visit these and learn more about the brand.

Understand your customer requirements

So much variety in the beauty industry means an expanded customer demographic. Not one box appeal can cater to all of them.

One basic rule is to categorize your customers depending on their demographics and then design distinct cosmetic boxes for them. You can make your brand look fun, sleek, modern, or classic depending on the customers you wish to target.

Modern buyers wish to comply with eco-friendly activities. This is why an escalating number of cosmetic brands are ordering bio-degradable boxes from Branded box manufacturers. It helps to convey a responsible brand attitude and care for customer preferences. Your brand can shine brighter by using reusable boxes that are affordable to get and easier to modify.

Make unboxing memorable

Rapid social media usage has given rise to the unboxing phenomenon. YouTube, Facebook, and Insta are some major platforms used by customers to share their sentiments about a brand. The first thing they share is how they feel about the boxes.

You must aim to make the boxes look suitable for use, individualistic, and offbeat. Numerous custom box accessories like handles, custom seals, laminations, personalized messages, and more create a unique brand image.


Skincare and cosmetic custom boxes are the new marketing gimmick your brand must ace. Designing and styling are a big part of elucidating branding to core customers.

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