Heart or money?

We are approaching Valentine’s Day and a bit of cynicism suggests that I take the opportunity of a somewhat commercial party, but still linked to a noble feeling like love, to talk about the relationship between personal finance and feelings.

This is because it is always thought that money and feelings cannot get along, although, in reality, this is not true.

There are several positive aspects of having a stable relationship, while the initial phase of a relationship is almost always very expensive, although it must be said it is also the most pleasant phase.

So I like to enhance the positive aspects of relationships especially in the importance of finding the right balance even in the family environment.

Balance is the only way to grow as a couple and transform a feeling into projects and personal and economic growth.

The most difficult aspect in the management of heart and money is above all the identification of an identity of views in the management of personal finance issues.

How many husbands or boyfriends complain about their wives ‘expenses or vice versa how many women complain about their husbands’ stinginess and vice versa. They are often commonplaces, but the complaints in the couple are constructive only if they can be transformed into strengths and reasons for reflection and change.

Here, in choosing a partner, it is first of all advisable to look for someone or someone who can share a path, according to certain objectives, and secondly to adapt and change in the search for a common improvement.

Being two helps because it trivially allows you to share expenses, but above all to set challenging goals and control each other, not from the policeman’s point of view but a constructive and helpful point of growth.

In a relationship, you also need not be afraid to change and look for something wrong to improve. Only in this way do we share aspirations, dreams and make sense of reality which obviously cannot be just roses and flowers.

It may be useful to divide the tasks and identify roles, obviously even without formalization. In my couple I manage the finances, my partner chooses the trips, she takes care of the furnishing of the house, of everything related to the organization of free time.

Finally, I think that it is always correct to have a part of assets in common and a separate part, on the one hand, because you never know, on the other because in any case, it is correct that everyone can have at least part of their money.

In conclusion, I think that love can lead to the growth of the couple also in the financial field and that is why I wish everyone to choose a partner who can help you realize their common dreams.

And what do you think of this apparent dichotomy? Hearts or coins?

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