From Diary to Vlogging Kit: Gifting the Modern 17-Year-Old Storyteller

Are you finding a gift for a talented, passionate 17-year-old storyteller for Christmas, birthday, or just because? The endeavor can be delightful or end in tears. Because while It is true that when it comes to giving gifts, it is the gesture and thought that counts, there is also a sense of satisfaction and contentment in finding the perfect gift. 

Whether the bright-eyed, dreamy, and ambitious 17-year-old is into writing, aspiring to become a filmmaker, or creating reels, these unique gift ideas will support their creative journey. 

Desk Organizer 

Desk organizers are abundantly available in myriad colors and materials. You can opt for a faux leather desk organizer to help your teen storyteller stay organized. Desk organizers have plenty of room for scissors, pens, pencils, and note cards. If you want more storage space, you can get desk organizers with compartments for storing small items like sticky notes and paper clips. 

Diary Or Journal

Every aspiring filmmaker, writer, or creative person goes through the pain of writer’s block. This problem can be overcome by journaling. You can give your creative teen a journal to motivate them to get their creative juices flowing. 

Gifting a diary or journal will encourage the teenager to get in the habit of writing consistently. You can even gift a journal containing writing techniques, advice, and exercises that will be helpful for aspiring authors. 

Vlogging Kit 

Vlogging is a lucrative business and an excellent way to connect with people and create a brand. A vlogging kit makes for one of the best Christmas gifts for teenagers who are aspiring vloggers. A mobile vlogging kit typically includes everything needed to create professional-looking, creative vlogs. Opt for one that is lightweight and portable. It will be perfect for vlogging on the go. 

Vlogging kits usually include a secure stand for a smartphone or camera and a microphone that will quickly pick up crisp sounds. If the kit includes a mini LED light, it will be perfect for creating the right environment in low-light settings. 

Noise-Canceling Headphones 

Aspiring scriptwriters, writers, and video/photo editors can greatly benefit from noise-canceling headphones. These headphones offer the silence required to improve one’s concentration. The aspiring storyteller will be transported to a place of peace and quiet as soon as they are worn. 

There are myriad options for noise-canceling headphones. They typically target indoor and outdoor noises, have a long battery life, and sit comfortably in the ear. Furthermore, they double up as headphones for noise cancelation and music. 

So, if someone prefers to listen to music while they write or they need music to get their creative juices flowing, this will make for the perfect gift. 

Digital Drawing Tablet 

Are you thinking of a gift for an aspiring content creator who loves to illustrate? Then, a high-quality drawing tablet will make for an excellent gift. It can be a game-changer for them and allow them to create beautiful digital art with accuracy and precision. Also, the tablet will enable them to experiment and bring their visual stories to life. 

Subscription To Creative Workshops Or Online Courses 

Show your support for your creative teen by buying a subscription to creative workshops or online courses and gifting it to them. Such workshops are usually led by seasoned content creators or authors and offer valuable insights and networking opportunities. 

Online creative courses can encourage teens to hone their skills and learn new ones. It will teach them the right techniques to turn their passion into a flourishing career. 

Virtual Reality Headset 

If the modern teen is interested in immersive storytelling, a fantastic gift would be a virtual reality headset. These headsets are designed to offer a new dimension to the users’ creative endeavors. Also, it will show them what they can achieve if they put their mind and heart to it. 

Led Desk Lamp 

Creativity can hit at any time. Hence, one must be prepared. Teenagers have too many things going on in their life, and most of them are at their creative best at night. So, an LED desk lamp is the perfect gift for night owls so their creativity is not stifled. 

Action Camera 

Action cameras are digital cameras specifically designed for recording action and are usually waterproof. These cameras are compact, portable, and perfect for various adventures. These cameras use CMOS image sensors and can take pictures in time-lapse mode, burst mode and record high-definition videos. 

Every aspiring storyteller must have an action camera to capture moments and adventures without thinking twice. 


These are some of the most unique gift ideas for the modern 17-year-old storyteller. These fantastic gifts can significantly impact their creative endeavors and help them achieve their goals. Such thoughtful gifts will even win you brownie points; you might become their favorite person in the family or friend’s group.

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