Four Reasons Your Local Towing Company Takes Photos for All Tow Services

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Towing companies help vehicles from one place to another for several reasons, whether essential roadside assistance, transporting a car to an auto shop, enforcing parking laws, or even repossessions. Towing is meant to make things easier for New Jersey residents, neighborhoods, communities, and businesses. Whether you have someone who has abandoned a vehicle outside your home, or you have broken down on the highway and need help, you can count on your local tow truck drivers to support you through the process. The towing industry must follow many different guidelines and regulations. Still, one of the more important steps is taking pictures for any towing service as a professional tow company in Fair Lawn, NJ.

Taking pictures in modern days is almost always associated with things like social media, advertising, and marketing. While all those things are undoubtedly relevant to New Jersey tow companies, your tow truck driver isn’t snapping a selfie. While selfies are fun when your driver saves the day, they are taking pictures for many different reasons. You may be wondering why photos are required for a simple tow to the auto shop, and it is more crucial than meets the average perception. 

1. Documentation

Photos are already used to document moments in time; they are physical memories we can keep forever as mementos of the past. They are meant to capture different things from people, places, things, etc. And in modern times, almost all of us now have the convenience of using our phones to take pictures anytime, anywhere. This comes in handy for local tow truck professionals because they can now document just about anything they need to, and yes, they need to before proceeding with any kind of towing service.

Tow truck drivers sometimes have to help at the scene of an accident, during a breakdown, or in other emergency roadside situations. They take photos before, during, and after the two to protect themselves and the integrity of their services. By taking a picture, they can provide time and date-stamped images of the car before being towed,

Once loaded for the tow and upon arrival at the destination, this is peace of mind, safety, and security for the tow truck driver and the vehicle owner. 

2. Confirmation 

When a tow truck specialist is sent out to a location, sometimes an address is insufficient to confirm which car is being towed. There are also situations where tows are needed for police and government impounding or repossessions. In any of these scenarios, the best way to confirm a vehicle is by the VIN, which is typically located inside the dashboard area. This number is specific to the vehicle and will certify to the driver they are towing the right car.

A towing company expert will use a camera to take photos of the VIN to confirm with their client before proceeding with the towing service. This alleviates the pressure of trying to choose between the 10 Honda Civics or Subaru Foresters in the parking lot and helps to create a more efficient process for the towing company and the customer, bank, or police department making the request!

3. Trespass Towing

In many situations, towing companies are hired by property managers, complexes, or individuals in the case of trespassing, road, or other parking violations. Trespass towing is when a vehicle is parked or abandoned in a space or parking spot, they are not supposed to be in. These areas should be marked by a sign or an agreement between the property owner and the current permit holder.

When a car that is parked somewhere it shouldn’t be is called into a towing company, the driver must document why the vehicle was towed. This is another scenario where cameras come in handy. The driver can take photos of where the sign states the reason for trespassing and an image of the vehicle before towing. This helps to secure reasoning for the tow, the condition of the car, and safety restored the parking rules in the area!

4. Provide Notice 

Sometimes it is essential to notify a car owner or w potential tow before it occurs. This means that tickets and documentation are necessary to secure logical reasoning for the tow in alignment with the current road or parking standards. Photos can be used to document each day or hour that the vehicle stays parked illegally or violates standards in the area. This is meant to create a sort of countdown and to provide legitimate warnings to the vehicle owner before the vehicle is towed. Photos are definitive proof the car remains parked illegally and pushes the owner to move the vehicle before it is towed and/or impounded.

Photographs are used for many different purposes, but regardless of who is behind the camera and what the pictures are being taken for – they can serve as documenting of different moments in time. For towing companies in New Jersey, it is a great way to assist clients and ensure tow drivers take all the proper precautions for every tow service. Photos provide the driver with time to check out the entirety of the car; this is particularly important because sometimes people park briefly to head to a nearby apartment, store, or eatery. There is a possibility of another person, child, or pet being in the vehicle; in this case, the car cannot be towed away. 

The New Jersey Tow Guys are licensed, certified, and insured towing services in Fair Lawn, NJ, and are available to tow in any surrounding area. Their driving professionals use and take photos to ensure any towing service’s security, safety, and efficiency to help clients get their car where it needs to go or regain their parking and road space. When you are hoping to get a high-quality tow, taking pictures is necessary to ensure the integrity of services. Taking pictures is good for more than just posting on Instagram; they can help tow your vehicle where it needs to go!

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