Four Major Myths About Asphalt Paving

While pavement is used worldwide and allows us to function in almost every aspect of our daily lives, not many people think about it. Asphalt is the pavement that has been used for centuries to create access for transportation everywhere. You likely drive on an asphalt roadway to work and again on your way home, pulling into the parking lot and your driveway. It is a material that also has been shrouded by gossip, and it is not too difficult for a myth to be created; however, it is always harder to dispel. 

If you are considering a paving project and aren’t quite sure how to approach it, what materials to use, and whether or not installation is even necessary – working with a reputable paving contractor in Saddle River, NJ, should eliminate any doubt in your mind and provide security throughout the process – no matter which route you choose to move forward with. Before diving into everything with preconceived and possibly untrue notions about asphalt, let’s review four common myths about the pavement and get the facts straight!

Asphalt Paving Just Doesn’t Last

There isn’t a pavement in the world developed to last a lifetime. After all, these pavements are constructed to withstand extreme weather conditions and damages and provide stability to those utilizing the roadways, parking lots, or driveways.

 Asphalt will not last forever, but it does hold its own and, on average, sees a life space of approximately 30 years, and with good maintenance to your pavement, it can persist even longer! It is exceptionally durable and provides everyone who interacts with it a sense of security in knowing asphalt is, in fact, long-lasting and incredibly reliable!

Asphalt is Bad for the Environment

Moving into 2024 and the future, it is our duty to maintain and ensure our environment and the rest of the world have a protected space. Many of us have seen the effects of continuous pollution, and nowadays, decreasing your carbon footprint is at the forefront of people’s minds. Pavements are a part of that process, and asphalt is one of the most recycled materials on the planet!

It is very eco-friendly and allows home and business owners to make a conscious choice and effort when choosing their pavement. Sticking with asphalt means being a part of the reusing, recycling, and self-sustaining industry that continues to evolve as we learn about better ways to assist our world.

Asphalt Pavements are Expensive

All pavement projects will require an investment – creating a new driveway pays off and increases the value of your home, and laying a new parking lot will upgrade the curb appeal of your office or storefront for potential clients. Roadways are how everyone has access to the workforce, keeping our economy going. 

Asphalt is practical, durable, and highly reliable as a material, and while you have to pay for paving services, asphalt is not the most expensive option at the end of the day. It is affordable and ranges from $7 to $13 per square foot, depending on the project scope and the company you choose to work with. Gaining as many estimates as possible allowed the consumer to fully understand their options and make an informed decision.

Asphalt Surfaces Need Significant Maintenance

As a home or business owner, you already know the importance of maintenance. We have to maintain just about every aspect of our lives: our physical beings, our homes, our cars, our businesses, communities, relationships, etc. When you don’t put in the effort and energy to maintain something, it will inevitably fade away or break down. General upkeep is necessary for any kind of pavement, and when you make any significant investment, continuing care is critical to maintaining its quality and aesthetics. Asphalt will require maintenance, but it is not anything out of the ordinary. Most paving professionals will recommend that you have a crew come out to examine your pavement for any kind of upkeep or repairs annually. 

You can easily assess the pavement and do essential maintenance by cleaning the area every month and remaining vigilant and proactive by seal coating your asphalt surface to protect it from exposure to the elements. If you are considering installing a new asphalt pavement surface, consulting with a local paving company for guidance and a free estimate for your project is best. NVN Paving in Saddle River, NJ, provides premium asphalt paving services for residential and commercial needs. NVN pavers are licensed and insured professionals; their care and attention to detail will create a stress-free paving experience. Asphalt has a lot of myths and misconceptions around it, but it is, in fact, an incredible surface just waiting for its debut at your home base or business today!

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