Four Essential Reasons You Should Never Use Chemical Drain Cleaners

Perhaps you’re extremely fortunate if you have never dealt with clogged drains in your house. However, most homeowners have at least once experienced the headaches of a blocked drain, but one thing you should ensure is never to utilize chemicals for drain cleaning in McDonough GA. Undoubtedly, all you have to do is go out in the market and purchase it, but did you know that these apparently effortless solutions can severely backfire? We hope these below-mentioned reasons are more than enough to convince you that using chemical drain cleaners isn’t worth it.

Chemical Drain Cleaning in McDonough GA Is Hazardous To Kids

These chemical drain cleaners can be highly hazardous for you and your family, particularly when you have kids and pets in or around your house. Using counter drain cleaners will always leave potential chemical hazards for your kids and pets regardless of how cautiously you use these cleaners. Probably hiring professional commercial septic tank services in McDonough GA, is the best and safest route you can take. Keeping your property free of chemical drain cleaners is the one and only way to prevent this.

They Can Erode Your Pipes

Chemical drain cleaners are extraordinarily corrosive; they have to be able to destroy the persistent clogs. Unluckily, this doesn’t go well for your pipes if you depend on chemicals to repair every plumbing issue you have. Hydrochloric acid is probably the main active ingredient in most cleaners, an exceptionally punitive element that can corrode the pipes in your house, particularly PVC plumbing systems or aged lines. You might not see this damage instantly, but you may notice that your PVC pipes become soft, and your metal pipes develop leaks over time.

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Drain Cleaners Are Toxic

Another major and probably the most significant disadvantage of using chemicals for drain cleaning in McDonough GA is that they can burn your skin, irritate your eyes, and cause breathing problems. You may also experience deadly gases if you mix drain cleaner with other cleaning products, even unintentionally. Moreover, you should never utilize drain cleaners in clogged showers or standing water in toilets.

They Don’t Work Well

Drain cleaners are designed to be a brief solution, but even then, they just don’t usually work. These products function or chemical reactions only; that’s why they don’t often work well; there is no physical force to break up the clog. Lye is often the main ingredient in drain cleaning products; it utilizes chemical reactions to break down organic material. Drain cleaners won’t work when whatever is causing clogs in your pipes is not organic.

When a plunger doesn’t work, rely on professional commercial septic tank services in McDonough GA, as experts can fix the most complex draining problems immediately. Whether you’re struggling with a severe clog or need someone to fix a damaged pipe, A-1 Pumping & Repair can help. We also provide round-the-clock services for emergency problems. Furthermore, our services are very cost-efficiently and of the highest quality. Therefore, call us today or get in touch with us through our website!

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