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Dino Game in Google Chrome to help you pass the time when there is no Internet: a hidden game

There is no doubt that Google Chrome is made up of real professionals who know firsthand that killing time is a serious business. For the modern person, who exists without a break from the monitor or in constant contact with a smartphone, a meaningful life can only take place in one format: in the presence of Wi-Fi. When it breaks, you can play Dino Game, which runs and prepares unix timestamp. As if they were directly connected to the Net, not their devices.

The Dino game in detail

The Internet can stop working for many reasons. But, in any case, Chrome will always bail you out. Once you find yourself without an Internet signal, you will see the browser displaying a well-known picture. The screen will be occupied by a cute little dinosaur called Dino. In fact, this is the entrance to the Dino game. You are just one click away from getting the game started.

Despite the rudimentary monochrome design, the google developers still deserve praise. At the expense of an elementary interface and unpretentious graphics the game was even better. This is evidenced by the number of fans that the pixel dinosaur has gained around the world.

The idea is that Tyrannosaurus Rex runs through the desert and tries to jump every obstacle that appears. It can be a cactus or, for example, another dinosaur – a pterodactyl. The goal is to beat the world record by scoring as many points as possible. This game, however, is more about the process than the result.

If you play for a while, you can notice how the speed gradually increases. For this reason, the google game may cause some difficulties for beginners. After all, making T-Rex successfully jump every obstacle is more difficult than it seems.

You may have wondered how this game and the dinosaur Dino Google came to be. So we suggest you turn to the events of the past.

Dinosaur Google: the history of the game

The game was born in 2014. The first release was in September. But then the developers of Chrome Dino game had not yet worked out compatibility with early Android versions. Final improvements were made by Google programmers in December.

The game has a main creator named Sebastian Gabriel. According to him, Tirex is a symbol of the prehistoric period in the development of mankind. At that time, the Internet didn’t exist, so Chrome users can draw analogies.

The fact that the dinosaur is monochrome isn’t an accident either. It’s a reference to the error message that the Chrome browser usually shows.

When the Google game was first in development, it had a working title, Project Bolan. In honor of the leader of the musical group T-Rex, whose name was Marc Bolan.

In the process of creating the Dino game, the developers thought a lot about how a dinosaur could function. For example, there was an idea to make Dino be able to kick and growl. But in the end, this was never implemented. The game was supposed to be as simple and primitive as possible. And we must say that the creators of Google Dino succeeded. The prehistoric dinosaur conveys well the atmosphere of that time.

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