Common Gmail Problems and its instant troubleshooting Tips!

Encountering issues associated with Gmail. Problems like Gmail not receiving emails or not working are immensely common. One can easily fix it by following a few important instructions. You can follow the steps that are given here to resolve the issue instantly. Have a look! Here, in this blog, you would get to read about the few common Gmail issue, their reasons for the emergence, and common ways to deal with them. Have a look!

How can I fix Gmail not syncing?

If your Gmail is not syncing, you are supposed to follow a few important instructions that are given below:

Perform Manual Sync

  • First of all, move to the upper right side of the Gmail Windows
  • Now, click on the setting icon
  • Then, you must scroll down the list and then click on the option of accounts
  • Click on the ‘Google Entry’ option
  • Make sure that all the entries are on, and then click on the ‘sync now’ option
  • Then, you can find the ‘sync now’ button, which is at the bottom of the screen

Clear the Gmail Data and cache

  • Click on the Settings option on Gmail Window
  • Then click on apps
  • Make sure the option of ‘All Apps’ is selected 
  • Then, scroll down the list until you see the Gmail entry
  • You can click on the option of Gmail and then the option of storage
  • After that, click on the ‘clear data.’
  • Wait for some time and then click on the option of clear cache

Check for updates

  • Click on the option of settings. 
  • Move to the option of ‘Software updates’
  • Next, you must try to find the option of ‘Update’ just by going to the ‘About device tab.’
  • Then, you should click on the option of ‘check for updates. 
  • Then, see if there are any new updates of the Gmail is available.
  • If you do find any new version, you can click on the option of install and wait for some time until the reboot of the device takes place.
  • Now, check whether syncing proceeds easily. 

How can I fix Gmail not working today?

To fix this on your Desktop, you must follow a few important instructions such as:

  • Check out for updates
  • You must keep track of the SMTP and POP3 settings
  • You can also try diagnostic tests on your browser
  • Clear of the caches and cookies
  • Reset the browser to default settings 
  • Update it if required

On Android and iPhone

  • Check out your data usage
  • Make sure that the app you are using is updated. If not, then you must update it
  • Try to uninstall and then reinstall the app 
  • After reinstallation, you must provide your user credentials to log into the app. 

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