Can Cats Eat Doritos? Here are Some Healthy Alternatives

Can Cats Eat Doritos? Here are Some Healthy Alternatives

Do you wonder about what to feed your cats? We know how tempting it is to feel everything safe for you to eat as a human is also healthy for your felines. But not everything you eat is okay for your moggie’s consumption as well. One of these is a pack or two of Doritos, and here are reasons why:

This is why Doritos are not a healthy choice for your feline friend:

1. High salt concentration

Coming with a high dose of sodium per serving, the Doritos chips may as well be a salt bomb. From hypertension to heart issues and other issues that can come up from the frequent intake of salt, your feline is likely to be susceptible to these and more if exposed to so much salt from Doritos.

2. Stomach-upsetting ingredients

Just like the high salt content in Doritos, the snack also contains onions and garlic seasoning, corn and corn extracts, cheese and cheese extracts, and other spicy ingredients. A combination of all these may lead to stomach upset, vomiting, and indigestion in your cats, especially when consumed in high quantities.

Essentially, while these ingredients may cause no havoc to you as a human, the case might be different for your cats if eaten too much. However, depending on your mog’s food allergies, even consumption in small quantities can be a problem.

3. It is a choking hazard

Sharp edges and quite the size? That’s Doritos for you. And even if broken into smaller bits for your feline, there is still the possibility of it choking on a piece of chip. This is because your moggie may not have teeth and jaws strong enough to chew the chips to a comfortable level for easy swallowing and digestion.

Now that we have agreed that no is the best answer to the question, can cats have Doritos, here are safer, healthier alternatives to the cheesiness of doritos that your moggies are sure to enjoy:

4. Cooked meat

Cats are naturally carnivorous and a healthy meal of cooked lean meat will give more nutrients to their body than a snack containing wholly carbohydrates like corn and wheat not known for any real nutritional benefits to felines.

5. Cat treats

Everyone loves treats, including the domesticated felines. Giving them specially made treats will warm their hearts and tickle their taste buds better than regular human snacks of spicy or cheesy chips.

6. Fruits and veggies

Your felines need their proteins. And although they are likely to get these from the meat you give, they also need a balanced diet, including fruits. From whole wheat to bananas, chicken and salmon, your moggie is assured a healthy supply of omega-3 fatty acids.

Finally, while your cats may be drawn to that pack of Doritos, even so satisfactorily licking the chips without eating them, you want to be careful that they do not go overboard. While doritos are not inherently a sickening food choice, they just might get your cats sick. Replace the doritos with any of the alternatives listed for a much healthier meal or treat plan.

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