Build an Ideal eCommerce Marketplace Platform at Economical eCommerce Packages

Every ecommerce entrepreneur would want to get the solutions to all of their concerns regarding eCommerce marketplace platforms at economical ecommerce packages. But, the reality was different until the ultimate open source e-commerce marketplace appeared to rise in the market. Yes, Sellacious is the platform that is completely open-source and outbeat many of the old platforms which tend to claim to provide every essential ecommerce feature at reasonable prices. The list of such platforms is huge but a few of them are – Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, Prestashop, NopCommerce, BigCommerce, Hikashop, Hikamart, Virtuemart, J2Store, Sharetribe, X Cart, CS-Cart, and many others.

These platforms are the faulty ones. They either don’t provide the necessary essential features or the available essential ones lie in the category of the premium subscription plan. The problem with such platforms is that the subscriber has to either rely on the third-party extension to get any sort of capabilities which they either don’t provide or have in the extremely highly-priced subscription plan or either they need to get in touch base with the third-party development service providers as they themselves don’t provide any support for it or the third-party development service of them are highly-priced.

In both cases, the subscribers get entrapped in the false claim trap of sugar-coated words of them. You may land into bank debts when you subscribe to any such platform which is incapable of generating sufficient revenue that would be enough to sustain in the highly competitive industry. The goal of such a platform is only to gain momentary monetary funds to let their business go smoothly. They are least bothered about the user’s concern.

When a subscriber goes for an option of using extended plugins to achieve some functionality/target then in that case they may face various installation challenges, incompatibility issues, unresponsive customer support, and lack of community support. Thus you may feel helpless if you have subscribed to such plugins. Such plugins may be available at a lower cost but they are not worth even your single hard-earned money spent.

If a user goes for an approach where they have to depend on the third-party development service providers, then there are high chances that they may again get trapped in the false claims of timely, right, productive deliveries to the service availed. The availers might again lose out millions of money which they could have utilized effectively for their business’s welfare by adopting some reliable services. Things become cumbersome and dirty when the service provider doesn’t offer a flexible, agile, transparent way of work and deliveries.

You think of a situation where you have to go live with a particular feature which your currently subscribed platform doesn’t provide and you have been trapped by a service provider to get it done for you. The date is arriving soon but the service provider isn’t responding to your mail or calls. You certainly will feel restless and uncertain about the future. Such uncertainties will cause disbalance at your workplace and if the problem is something very critical which could hamper the overall productivity of your marketplace to a great extent and might give your user a negative shopping experience.

Then it becomes a matter of concern for you and also a nightmare for many days. Unable to get the expected deliveries on time from the third-party service providers can cause you to lose millions of dollars with no penalty to the service providers, in case no contract of service is signed. Amateur entrepreneurs can be fooled easily by the above-mentioned e-commerce marketplace platforms like Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, Prestashop, NopCommerce, BigCommerce, Hikashop, Hikamart, Virtuemart, J2Store, Sharetribe, X Cart, CS Cart, and many others.

The only and only platform with economical ecommerce packages to offer is Sellacious. This ultimate e commerce marketplace platform has more than 5000 essential ecommerce features to start with to create a b2b, b2c, or even c2c – niche or multi-vendor, single or multiple stores within just 15 minutes. Reach out to customer support to know more. Unlike CS-Cart and BigCommerce, Sellacious’s customer support is available for free 24×7, 365 days to hear out all your grievances, resolve them and provide solutions to the custom requirements through the core development team.

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