Blockster is a social media platform based on cryptocurrencies.

Blockster, a cryptocurrency social network, is set to release its native token (BXR) shortly, used for advertising and staking on the platform. Cryptocurrencies have been around for more than a decade, and as the sector evolves, crypto enthusiasts will go any mile to maximize their profit. Even though blockchain is rapidly touching a wide range of businesses, social media is lagging.

Blockster is a brand-new bitcoin social network that promises to change how cryptocurrency enthusiasts keep up with market developments.

The Social Network of the Blockchain Hustlers is a social media platform that focuses on crypto and blockchain material submitted by users. The project aims to address a gap in the market for a social platform that provides up-to-date bitcoin news, guidance, engagement, and money-making ideas read here.

To make things as simple as possible, the site is user-friendly, exactly like any other social media network like Facebook or CoinMarketCap. Blockster features a lighthearted website that promotes community interaction, one of the most important aspects of the bitcoin market.

The platform’s driving factor is the ability for users to upload crypto-related information and engage in active discussions with one another. Users may also find and promote new crypto material and publish educational articles. In contrast, crypto businesses and blockchain organizations can use the platform to create a company page, run ad campaigns, and establish a fan following.

Because of its unrivalled community spirit, Blockster is a magnet for crypto hustlers, movers, and shakers. It will appeal to both the existing and emerging crypto communities because of its cutting-edge social network platform, which links over 200 million crypto users globally.

Blockster, of course, has its utility token, BXR, which is used to power the platform’s an advertising and commerce.

Let’s take a look at some of Blockster’s important features.

Blockster is a user-generated cryptocurrency and blockchain social network. It is aimed at bitcoin users looking for new ways to earn from their digital asset purchases and trading.

Blockster will distribute 1,000,000 BXR to airdrop participants. Sign up on their website, do easy social chores, and submit your information to receive 10 BXR tokens. You will also receive 1 BXR for each referral.

Step-by-Step Procedures:

1. Visit Blockster’s official website.

2. Click the “Join waitlist” button.

3. Sign up by filling out the form.

4. Check your email by logging in and double-checking it.

5. Completing simple social chores will earn you ten entries.

6. Each entry is worth one BXR.

7. You will receive 1 BXR for each referral.

8. You will receive an email with details on how to claim your tokens after the token Blockster Phase 6 token auction.

9. Significant crypto companies were left with few options for reaching their target audience when Facebook and Google, the world’s two largest ad platforms, issued a blanket ban on crypto advertising in 2017. These companies used media, Twitter, and Reddit to communicate with their customers. Even if most people continue to utilize these platforms, data is distributed, making efficient exploration challenging.

10. Until recently, there hasn’t been a single, credible source of information for crypto enthusiasts. Users had to rely on sites like CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko to track the performance of their favourite projects, go to Reddit to discuss them, get the latest industry news from Medium and Twitter, or watch influencer’s reviews on YouTube to learn about them. As a result, we’ve got a fractured social ecosystem for a growing market, making it difficult for traders and content creators to communicate, assess information, and monetize their work – which is where Blockster comes in to fill the hole.

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