The best garden fence ideas you can install yourself

Are you someone who loves to have the vegetable and fruit garden in your backyard but cannot keep those critters away? Let us see some simple ways to keep these critters out of your vegetable garden and help your plant friends to grow happily. 

Using wooden planks and mesh is the basic fence idea. It is easy to install with some readily available wooden planks and wire mesh to keep the critters away from your garden plants. It also does not obstruct the view of your garden inside. Use the chicken wire mesh to keep those small pets away; isn’t it a super-easy way to grow your veggies?

Timber fence is another commonly used method of fencing the garden plants away from the animals destroying them. The cut and leftover timbers can be collected to make the fence. The length of the timber can be the same or create a pattern with different heights to style up your kitchen garden. 

Another simple way to build the fence is by using wood planks. These wood planks are used to create the perimeter around your vegetable garden. Paint the wooden planks with either cedar colour to give the natural look or any other colour to add a splash of colour to your garden. Metal wire can be used to keep out the critter from getting inside the fence and destroying your plants.

The pallet is one material that is used for everything in the garden. It can be used to create the seating area, planters, tables, shelves and whatnot. Pallets can also be used to build a fence to protect the vegetable patches. Recycled pallets are readily available and are inexpensive. It can be painted to add durability and enhance the colour of the garden.

Another simple idea to protect your vegetable garden is to build a flower bed around the perimeter. It increases the beauty of the garden and put the critters away from the veggies, letting them grow happily inside the fencing area.

Use the stones to build the base of the fence. And then use the mesh wire and wooden log to build the critter fence. It is a traditional idea to keep the animals away from the garden and still used by many. It is a cool and eclectic style that will never go out of fashion.

Using the log vertically and horizontally to build the frame of the fence is also an old aged idea, still used worldwide. Mesh wire can be sheltered around the log to keep the animals from getting inside the garden. Adding the handy chicken wire to keep out those pesky critters is the most inexpensive way to grow your garden plants. 

Critter Fence can be quickly built using the material available around our home. There are a lot of customised materials and fencing kits available in the market. These are easy to install and maintenance free. It helps in protecting your vegetable and fruit plants and helps you have organic meals. There is nothing like the happiness of growing your plants, harvesting and enjoying them with your loved ones.

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