Benefits of lab grown diamonds

Benefits of lab grown diamonds

Diamonds represent love, beauty, and wealth and are well known for their clarity, durability, and longevity. People love to buy diamonds at special moments in their lives because a diamond ring adds to the beauty of the occasion. The unique qualities of a diamond make it extremely valuable. Lab grown diamonds have become very popular because they are chemically, physically, and optically identical to natural ones. They are durable like natural diamonds but are easier on people’s pockets. Diamonds are manufactured in the labs under high pressure and high temperatures. These diamonds are increasingly used for making beautiful pieces of jewellery.

How to choose a diamond

The language of diamonds includes the four Cs, representing colour, clarity, cut and carat.

Cut: Cut is the most significant aspect of a diamond, which defines how much diamond sparkles. A poor cut diamond has less shine and sparkle than a well-cut diamond. Some cuts can make a diamond appear more significant than its actual size.

Colour:  The colour of a diamond ranges from D to Z. Diamonds graded D are more expensive, and the price decreases from grade D to Z.

Clarity: A diamond’s clarity depends on the blemishes or imperfections in it. The clarity decreases as the number of imperfections increases. Flawless diamonds have the highest clarity and are the best diamonds.

Carat: A diamond’s weight is represented in carats. The carat value increases for bigger diamonds, and they have a higher price. When two diamonds have the same carat value, their price depends on the cut, clarity and colour.

Reasons to choose synthetic diamonds

Improved quality and purity

Diamonds grown in the labs have greater purity because they don’t have any impurities or dirt ingrained in them. They have fewer defects because they are made under carefully controlled conditions. They are whiter, brighter and better and receive better purity ratings than natural diamonds.


Natural coloured diamonds are rare to find and are very expensive. Coloured diamonds are grown in labs and are cheaper than natural ones. Moreover, they are brighter and more perfect than natural stones. They are easy to find and pure in colour. Diamonds created in the lab are nearly 30% less expensive than mined diamonds.

Environmentally friendly

Mining natural diamonds damages the earth and uses a vast amount of fossil fuel. The demand for diamonds is growing continuously, and growing diamonds in the lab is a sustainable choice compared to mining diamonds. Synthetic diamonds can close the gap between the demand and supply of diamonds.

Known origins

Nearly six billion carats of diamonds have been mined out of the ground. Most mined diamonds are related to problems like child labour, exploited workers and blood diamonds. Diamonds created in the lab have known origins, and buying them can stop illegal diamond trafficking.

Diamonds help people to express their love to their loved ones. Some people buy diamonds to reflect their personality and express their worth by wearing precious stones like diamonds. The size, quality and value of the diamond decide a person’s worth. Diamond jewellery is purchased to remember special moments in a person’s life.

Lab-grown diamonds are affordable and look natural. They are ethically sourced and eco friendly because they are not mined. They are used to make engagement rings, eternity bands, wedding sets, earrings and tennis bracelets. They have a lifetime warranty and an easy return policy. They look and feel like natural diamonds and are available in all colours, shapes, and sizes to suit the customers’ needs.

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