Are Your Dogs Healthy?

healthy dogs

As much as we may love our animal friends, we cannot always understand what they try to convey. We look for signals in their simple barks and their heart-melting paw raises. Although, they might not always be able to show you signs of their pain. Studies show that dogs catch internal infections faster than outer skin diseases. The concern every dog owner has is about protecting their dogs from such unknown viruses?

Nexgard Spectra for dogs is an advanced medicine that can be used not only to treat infestation with fleas and ticks that take place on their outer body but also to protect dogs from heartworm diseases that take place inside their stomach!

Here is a list of things you can do to ensure that your dog is healthy-

Keep a check on food habits

Food, of course, plays the most important role! Your dog cannot eat excessive sweets or salts. Things like caffeine, nuts, chocolates, alcohol, etc., are poisonous to them!

Make sure that even in your absence, such things are out of their reach.

Regular checkups

If not very often, you should try to visit a vet twice a year. You need to ensure that your dog’s body is healthy and fit. This can only be done by a professional. Hence, regular checkups become important.

These checkups also help you avoid the development of any chronic diseases.


Exercise is the key to a healthy life. Like humans, dogs need to exercise too. They need to have their fair share of energy burned to develop immunity and be healthy. If you do not take your dog out in the fields often, their body muscles won’t develop. Staying at home for longer durations like months will make them feel isolated, and they won’t be able to make friends with other dogs, which will depreciate their quality of life.

For a dog to be happy, it must have some time out in the sun and should often socialise with other animals.

Focus on small changes

The best way to understand your dog is by focusing on small differences. If you feel that your dog generally likes to go for a walk and is suddenly getting too lazy or inactive, this can be a sign that something internally is wrong with them. If your dog is scratching their body too much, the chances of them having ticks are high. Other signs that you can look out for include- loss of appetite, increase in aggression, excessive sleeping and increase in barking at unusual times.

Keep a check of vaccinations received

Vaccinations are crucial to a dog’s health. There are many diseases that certain breeds tend to develop. Getting vaccinations at a young age helps dogs to avoid such diseases. This will also save you from hefty hospital bills and regular veterinary visits. Therefore, you can look at vaccinations as an investment you are making for your pet’s health.

You need not worry about a large number of vaccinations. There are only limited ones that your dog requires. A good doctor will guide you through the process.

Generally, their vaccinations get winded by the age of two.

Regular deworming

While our furry friends grow from 0 to 12 months, ensure that you provide them with deworming at least once a month. However, one gets complacent after they turn 1 year old. This is where the problem can arise. Regular deworming is very crucial for dogs. Small infections and viruses can take place inside their stomach without them showing any significant changes. Only deworming tablets can protect them from such infections at an early stage. If you are certain that your dog might have a parasitic influence, either on their coat or inside them, you can give a dose of nexgard spectra for dogs. This can be their first aid medicine before you visit a doctor.

Immediate actions

Often, we do not realize that it is the seconds of delay which cause mishaps. If you notice something wrong or even suspect that your dog is not well, you should consult a doctor immediately. Keeping in mind that we cannot always just get up and go to the doctor, keep your vet’s number handy. You can talk to them on the call about the symptoms and any problem you feel that your dog might be having. After all, the vet’s advice is the most valuable one.

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