Albuquerque truck accident lawyer: Don’t miss the red flags

Getting hurt in truck accident in Albuquerque can be a shocking experience. Because commercial trucks are huge in size, it can be hard for truckers to control the vehicle in the event of a mishap. For the same reason, trucks are capable of causing unprecedented damage to other passenger vehicles. Unfortunately, such accidents happen in New Mexico quite often, and no matter the circumstances, you must consult an attorney. Below are some red flags to watch for when hiring an Albuquerque truck accident lawyer

Not taking your case on priority. 

Attorneys are busy people, and therefore, most of them have a core team of juniors and assistants who ensure that clients get the support and advice they need. If you had a hard time talking to the lawyer or getting an appointment, that is definitely got a good sign. Attorneys may not speak to you directly until the first meeting, but they should take your case on priority. 

Overstating the details 

Do not hire an attorney who is okay with overstating your injuries or exaggerating the worth of your claim. Remember that even the insurance company and the other party will investigate the accident, and they will find their own details. Overstating anything can go against you, and a good attorney will never do that. 

 Not talking about their experience

If a lawyer doesn’t want to talk about their top cases and settlements, it is definitely a red flag. Any attorney who claims to be experienced and known must share references and other details on request. You must also ask if the attorney has handled similar truck accident cases. You can ask questions like – 

  1. How often do you come across truck accident lawsuits in your practice? 
  2. Are you personally available for my case?
  3. What are your best cases so far? What is your success rate?

Asking for an upfront fee

If a lawyer demands an immediate fee for your case, look for other options. All truck accident lawyers in New Mexico work on what is called a “contingency fee”. The fee in such an arrangement is only payable when you win a settlement. If the lawyer wants money to assess your case or investigate the accident, do not hire them. 

Also, steer clear of attorneys who have negative reviews on Google and social media sites. You can also use check reviews to compare some of your shortlisted options. Find a lawyer now to know more. 

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