Advantages and disadvantages of a 0 km car

Buying a 0 km car seems, a priori, a very successful alternative to a new car. We explain all the advantages, but also the disadvantages.

We have already explained what exactly a km 0 is , a denomination that generates some confusion because a good part of those that advertise as such are not really it. With this clear concept, now it is time to know the advantages and disadvantages of a zero kilometer car , in order, putting them on a scale, to know if it is a better option than a new or a used car.

Advantages of a km 0 car

There are several reasons why kilometer units exist at zero. Now, for example, dealerships have been forced to increase the number of self-registrations due to the entry into force of the new WLTP homologation cycle , which will prevent them from selling all homologated models based on the old NEDC cycle as new cars . Whatever the reason, 0 km cars are an excellent buying opportunity for these reasons:

  • The km 0 are brand new cars . They cannot be considered new cars because they have already been registered, but for practical purposes they are. The kilometers marked by the odometer (no more than 100) are due to the transport from the factory, the movements carried out in the field or those carried out for their preparation and delivery to the customer.
  • The price of a car km 0 0 usually includes juicy discounts, since it is a vehicle that, although it does not have just kilometers, has been registered. In addition, dealers are not interested in keeping these vehicles in their fields for a long time, they want to get them out as quickly as possible and will try to set attractive prices. If the reduction is substantial, you will amortize, to a large extent, the enormous depreciation that a car suffers in the first year.
  • Immediate delivery. Unlike a car on request, which can take several months to arrive, zero kilometer cars are delivered, after the necessary paperwork, immediately.

Disadvantages of a kilometer zero

Although acquiring a 0 km car seems like a master purchase – in most cases it is – there are some drawbacks to be taken into account.

  • You cannot choose . You have found the model you want and with the mechanics and equipment that suits your needs, but it is yellow. Well, either you keep it in that color or you will have to keep looking.
  • The warranty period of one km 0 begins when the car is registered and not when the customer purchases it. If the car has been registered for 6 months and the factory warranty is for two years, the owner will have the warranty reduced to a year and a half, although an agreement can be reached for the dealer to extend the warranty.
  • If the car has been registered as a rental vehicle and the dealer does not notify you, you may find yourself with an unpleasant surprise in the form of a fine for not having passed the ITV . This is because cars registered as a rental vehicle must pass the ITV after two years and not after four.

Given the advantages and disadvantages of kilometer zero, we recommend that you visit our section of km 0 and see the offers that are currently available.

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