A Guide to Taking Care of Your Cats and Kittens

Kittens or cats are absolutely adorable creatures and are fun to keep around. These animals, however, can be very fragile and need a lot of care to grow and be healthy. If you’re looking to buy a Persian Cat or Kitten for sale in Noida you must be very careful with their upbringing. They are particularly sensitive to a change of environment. Here’s a list of things you should do and not do when you have a new kitten in your house!

Be patient with your cat

Kittens and cats can often be very hard to reason with, the primary reason being they are not like us. However, if you yell at them or hit them, you can frighten them a lot. Negative reinforcement makes cats more defiant and promotes worse behavior. Showing your cat what to do a few times will help you to ensure that they learn quickly. You can also give them treats when they accomplish a task (for example, using the litter box instead of the floor). It allows cats to learn that good behavior will be rewarded. 

Block of all the nooks and crannies in your house

Nooks and crannies are extremely attractive to cats. If you’re looking for Persian cats for sale in Gurgaon you may be aware that cats like enclosed spaces because they find them to be cozy. However, the nooks and crannies in our houses collect a lot of dust. Dust can be very harmful to little kittens as they have a habit of licking everything. Ingesting dust often leads to various issues such as digestive problems in cats. This is why it is recommended that you block off all the nooks and crannies available in your home.  

Persian cat for sale

Keep the food bowl and litter tray separate

Contrary to popular belief cats are extremely hygienic creatures. You’ll find these little ones cleaning their own fur quite often. As a result of this, they hate to eat where they can smell their litter. Pushing the water and food bowls too close to the litter tray may result in them going to the toilet elsewhere instead! To avoid this keep the litter tray and bowls at a good distance, for instance on either side of your room. You can find the most beautiful Persian cats for sale in Gurgaon from several online sites available!

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