8 Web Design Trends to Follow in 2021

Do you want to design an awesome website for your business? There is tons of information available to help you achieve that goal. However, the first thing you should remember is to provide the users with useful information.

In other words, your website should have content which engages the target audience and retains their interest in your brand.

Despite the industry you are working for, there are some fundamental design principles. For starters, the website has to be user-friendly and visually attractive.

With this reason, the web design industry undergoes changes every couple of years.

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Taking into consideration the last statement, given below are some web designing trends you should look out for in 2021.

1. Video as Design Component

Whether you want to throw in a few customer testimonials or interviews, videos have become an important component of web design.

These play a crucial role in keeping the audience engaged with your brand.

Thankfully the new technologies have made it easier to make videos a part of your web design. Why not grab the opportunity and keep the customers attracted!?

2. Organic Shapes

Geometrical shapes made their presence known in website designing back in 2019.

However, 2021 saw the entry of organic shapes. Organic shapes do not include straight lines.

Organic shapes occur in nature and are asymmetrical.

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3. Website Scrolling Changes

With graphics and text fonts undergoing a massive change, the next changes to occur took place in how the user browsed your website.

Changes in scrolling transformed how the users operate websites.

The year 2021 saw the emergence of scroll animation and horizontal scrolling.

It is what makes a website more engaging and accessible for the user.

In other words, if you want a website that is trendy and attractive, pay attention to how the user scrolls your website.

4. Light Colors

If you want the customers to remain on your website for longer, choose light colors.

These are comfortable for the user’s eyes, especially when they look at your website in dark.

You should go for the minimalist look as it offers your website an elegant look. Learn more about this trend by enrolling in a web design internship in Ambala.

5. Neumorphism

This one is the latest web design trend of 2021. It contains two concepts namely material design and skeuomorphism.

Neumorphism follows a minimalist approach and offers a 3D experience in the form of buttons and other design elements.

If you want the customers to have an outstanding experience on your website, learn about this web design trend.

6. Vector Art

There is always an opportunity to add exclusive graphics to the website to improve its look.

As a web designer this is a challenging job. However, it does not means you should compromise on the quality and loading time of the website.

For example, you can utilize the SVG format to scale the visuals without compromising on the original graphics quality.

7. Voice User Interface

Voice-based UI made its mark back in 2020, but that does not means this trend will die out in 2021.

All corporates like Apple and Google have already started implementing this feature to offer the users a great experience.

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8. Cartoon Illustrations

The days of websites using plain fonts and boring graphics are long gone.

A major website design trend of 2021 are the cartoon illustrations which bring a dull website to life.

Cartoon illustrations offer you a chance to unleash the inner artist and make website navigation a fun experience for the user.

There it is! The 8 web design trends you should look out for in 2021.


Website design plays a vital role in whether the user would stick with your brand or look elsewhere. Therefore, you should sign up for an Industrial training in Ambala to learn everything about the above-mentioned web design trends.

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