7 Must-have Features for an OTT Platform for Education

E-learning has been a revolution in the education industry due to its increase in demand. The recent COVID pandemic also highlighted the use of eLearning platforms. With an online education platform, there is no limit on how many students you can add. The use of video in education is also increasing as there are many online video education platforms in the market. Studies have shown that around two-thirds of teachers feel that video is important for education. Read on to know some of the must-have specifications in an educational video platform.

How and Why to Use E-learning Video Platforms?

The basic information for using online video in education is as follows:

Use of Online Video

Videos have a greater impact on human minds than any other type of learning content. You can share interactive and explanatory videos with your students to help them learn faster. An online educational streaming platform will help you in providing on-demand videos to your students.

E-learning Business Model

The eLearning business model revolves around the type of content and revenue model. You need to decide on a suitable revenue model for your online educational platform. Right marketing strategies can aid in popularising your eLearning platform.

Extra Videos

With an eLearning platform, you will not be confined to a fixed course/syllabus. You can share supplementary videos with your students that are related to their study topics. Online video education platforms are vaster than traditional textbooks.

Flipped Classrooms

Video learning platforms help conduct flipped classes that are a type of active learning. During flipped classes, a video lecture may be shared by the instructor before the student-teacher discussion. A flipped classroom will provide a flexible learning environment for the students.

Training of Students

The exquisite features of an educational video platform help in providing personalized training to students. You are free to decide your training model that cannot be done in physical classrooms.

Important Features of Educational Streaming Services

Are you planning to launch a branded eLearning platform? Well, the must-have features of an online learning platform are as follows:

  • Video Suggestions: Around 71% of teachers prefer to see video suggestions. Smart video suggestions save the time that teachers spend looking for the right video. Video suggestions should be shown based on search history and user preferences.
  • Storing/Organizing Videos: Teachers should be able to save/download educational videos. An online video platform that lets you organize videos will be good for teachers. Teachers can save their time by organizing video collections by subject, topic, or class.
  • Offline Accessibility: Can teachers access your eLearning platform without any internet? Teachers may experience bad internet connectivity that can hamper the time of students. To ignore this, you can allow teachers to download video content on your eLearning platform to access it later without the internet.
  • Assessment Tools: Educational video streaming services also help teachers in generating assessment reports. Your eLearning platform should be able to assess the performance of students in quizzes, assignments, and tests. It should be able to automatically share the performance reports to students.
  • Analytical Insights: How will you know whether the video you shared is watched by all students or not? Well, a reliable eLearning platform will help you with student analytics for knowing whether they watched the video or not. Your educational platform should generate analytical insights about student attendance, performance, and other activities.
  • Licensing and Validity: For how long your institution can enjoy the benefits of online video education? Well, you can enjoy the benefits of online education lifetime if you develop a branded platform. Make sure you have valid licenses before starting your eLearning platform.
  • Content Security & DRM: Video platforms for education should provide a safe means of extracting information for teachers/students. If you are involved in online streaming, you should protect your content from third-party attackers. DRM (Data Rights Management) system is necessary for your online video platform as it protects your original content from being duplicated.


Do E-learning Platforms Provide an Engaging Learning Experience?

A video platform for education will increase the engagement of students in the following ways:

  • Interactive Educational Content: Besides explanatory videos, an eLearning platform also provides quizzes and assignments to increase student engagement. Students can choose their learning path as per their preferences on an eLearning platform.
  • Virtual Classes: Students will interact only when they have understood what was taught in previous classes. An eLearning platform allows students to view the video later for a better understanding. You can also add an interactive button for your eLearning platform like, raise your hand and comment to increase student engagement.
  • Feedbacks & Reviews: An interactive educational video platform collects feedback/reviews from teachers and students. You may copy the top online educational platform features for your video platform but will need to improve them over the years. Collecting feedback will help you in addressing the shortcomings of your eLearning platform.

Pros of Using Online Video in Education

The benefits of using education video solutions are as follows:

  • Enhance Your ROI: You don’t have to invest in physical infrastructure by using an eLearning platform. Unlike physical institutions, you are no longer limited to a geographic location with an eLearning platform. Since you can attract students from around the globe, it will boost your ROI (Return on Investment).
  • Content Repurposing: With an eLearning platform, you can always use video content for further classes or lectures. Students can also backtrack video lectures for a better understanding. You can enhance your educational video platforms by allowing students to view live videos later on.
  • Remote Learning: Students do not need to travel to one place like for institutional courses. E-learning platforms make remote learning possible that helped during the recent COVID pandemic.


The above-mentioned educational video platform features will increase the engagement level among students. You can contact a reliable white-label platform provider for developing your eLearning platform. Launch your eLearning platform and boost your ROI!

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