6 Influential Benefits of Video Marketing For Lawyers

6 Influential Benefits of Video Marketing For Lawyers

We are well versed in the development of various industries across the world, as AI and digital marketing techniques have been successful in influencing many firms across the country.

However, do you wonder why during the past few years, only the legal industry has been successful in growing despite millions of changes that have happened in the past few years?

Well, the answer is simple; during the past few years, video marketing for lawyers and law firm marketing has been the most searched keywords, and the first-generation lawyers running their websites are nowadays very dependent on them.

Let’s have a close look at why law firm marketing and factors revolving around them have so much value and 7 Influential Benefits of Video Marketing for Lawyers.

What is Law Firm Marketing?

The criticality of marketing can never be ignored as it serves as the basis for getting clients to the firms, on the same note; one concept has surfaced from the past few years, i.e., Law firm marketing.

Law firm marketing covers the fundamental aspects of marketing such as SEO, Digital marketing, ads and some other significant concepts.

During recent years, we have monitored phenomenal changes in the legal industry as some renowned institutions and firms across the world have taken charge of techniques of law firm marketing. One such tactic, which has recently joined the community of advocates, is “Legal video”.

Advocates and renowned law firms are consistently focusing on sharing their valuable legal knowledge with the help of videos.

It wholly depends upon the law firm, how they leverage the techniques to better their results and media outlook; however, recent developments are necessary to be light upon.

Concept of Legal Videos in Law Firm Marketing

Because the written word is highly valued in the legal profession, it’s usual to see legal content marketing initiatives centred on blogs. This ignores video’s continuous rise in company marketing, which has increased from 61 per cent in 2016 to 86 per cent in 2021. It’s gone from being a knowledgeable marketer’s tool to a necessary component of the arsenal, and this applies to video for law firms just as much as it does to other types of content marketing.

People who are engaged in creating law firm content used to witness dozens of articles, blogs for reference; eventually; now the curve has shifted as “Legal videos” is the new trend in law firm marketing. Legal videos serve the basic pillar for “Thought leadership marketing” and assist firms in getting various clients from different sectors.

It’s time to get past your apprehensions regarding the manufacturing process. With the emergence of no-code video tools, you can now generate professional-quality films and embrace video marketing for lawyers without needing to hire a video production company. The reason for this is clear: according to studies, 70% of marketers believe that videos provide a favourable return on investment (ROI).

However, it isn’t as simple as producing a video and waiting for the results to come in. As part of your entire marketing strategy, content marketing for law firms should still be properly designed. Bring the people and philosophy of your legal firm into your film to provide diverse views and approaches.

Different Ways to Structure Legal Videos

There are different ways of structuring legal videos by imparting legal knowledge in distinctive formats. Let’s have a close look at those ways.

  1. Make your law business more genuine by making a movie about the subjects you care about.

Outsiders may regard law companies as corporate or cold, which is why you should confront this head-on and work to introduce a human aspect to how your business is perceived. One method to achieve this is to display the causes that your company supports and recognize individuals that assist them.

  1. Law firm videos to help recruit new talent to your team

As law firm marketing may do more than just attract and nurture clients, videos can also be used to recruit new workers. Finding the proper people may be difficult, especially as the number of legal job postings grows, but using video to present prospective recruits might help.

  1. Promote events that your business is organizing through videos

Real-world events may also be a significant source of material for law firms. This is a simple and successful technique to utilize video in law firm marketing to express a message while also allowing people to learn about the firm.

These events can appeal to a wide range of people, from possible clients to potential employees, and can thus be viewed as a multi-purpose law firm promotional film.

  1. Address problems through videos

Law firms can include videos that, apart from imparting legal knowledge, also address common problems such as “How to increase the productivity of employees in work from home” or “Common ways to enable social distancing”. Clients will eventually incline towards such videos, which assemble solutions for universal problems faced by everyone, professionally or unprofessionally.

Now that we have ways to publish videos, it is pertinent to scrutinize some influential benefits of video marketing for lawyers.

video marketing for lawyers

  1. Brand Awareness

One of the most promising benefits of video marketing for lawyers is “Brand awareness”. Video content is one of the most effective strategies to ensure that your business is well-known. People enjoy watching videos as part of their research before making a buying decision. The majority of people would rather watch a video than read a text. Because your legal business is a brand, films allow you to not only enlighten consumers as they conduct research but also to raise brand recognition.

Make videos that describe how the company was founded and what it stands for. People will want to work with a legal business that is concerned about their well-being, so make sure your films humanize the firm.

  1. Educating your clients

As a video will be your prospective client’s first exposure to your business, it should describe how the firm operates, the firm’s goals and vision, and why clients should select you. Your legal videos should make movies that explain what to expect in various sorts of cases, including criminal, civil, and divorce trials.

  1. Adds to SEO and digital

It makes no sense to overlook video content as a marketing strategy because your potential clients are online. This is because having well-optimized SEO video content on your website will aid in improving your search rankings. This will put you one step ahead of your rivals, allowing you to be the first company they contact.

  1. It boosts your Google ranking

Your website will benefit greatly from embedding your videos. It will raise your Google ranking and increase your conversion rates by roughly 80%. As a result, more individuals will notice your page when they search, boosting their chances of contacting you when the time comes to seek an attorney.

  1. It adds to your skills

There is no better method for potential customers to learn about a lawyer’s abilities than to see them clarify various topics in a video. Customers can assess the attorney’s confidence and competence by watching the video. These films will provide potential clients with an overview of the attorney’s capabilities and give them a general notion of how talented the attorneys are and if they are a good fit for them. It also links a face with your name, making a potential customer far more likely to remember you and return to you when the time comes to employ.

  1. It attracts a large audience

In a short amount of time, a video may reach a large audience. The more easily the film may be shared, the more people it will reach. Video material will also travel swiftly due to the prevalence of social media and social sharing. It will then inspire potential customers to become customers. These movies can increase emotions of trust since the potential customer perceives you as interested in their problems. People will be more eager to trust you with their difficulties since you are a reliable source of legal knowledge.

Bottom Line

Video Marketing for Lawyers is critical, as it will assist in breaking down boundaries and establishing brand identification. For the reasons stated above, we feel that no law firm should disregard this tool in their marketing plan, as it has the potential to make or break their campaign.

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