10 spooky packaging designs for Halloween

Custom packaging can make your Halloween exciting and spookier. It is easy to utilize craft ideas and enhance this packaging to create scary and horrifying presentations. At this event, everybody wants to get terrifying looks for their houses that can shock the guest and neighbors. Utilizing creative ideas to enhance boxes can give you amazing presentation ideas for your houses. What you need is creativity and some accessories that can help you in creating the boxes spooky. You can get help from the given ideas to utilize these boxes to amaze and scare your guests.


Spooky flower holders:

Scary flowers of pitch-black colors can easily put pranksters away from your home. You can take the paper box to make perfect holders for your flowers. Take a box and cover it with ribbons and black glitters. Match the theme with the colors of flowers that you want to put in that box. After putting flowers inside it, you can hang the box in front of your door, or you can put them around your house for a haunting look. You can make some holders for the inside of your house as well.


Petrified portraits:

Every house has portraits of persons who are living in it. You can replace them with some spooky pictures this Halloween. But what you will need in this is frames to hold scary pictures. Making photo frames from a cardboard box is very easy. You can cut a square box from the middle and take out its boundaries. Between them, you can place the terrifying images of different characters in horror movies. This will haunt the memories of your guests for sure.


Halloween lanterns:

Pumpkin lanterns are very common on Halloween. You see them everywhere in the streets, houses, and shops. You can make your own DIY lantern by utilizing a cardboard box. Take a huge round-shaped cardboard box. Paint and design it with yellow, black, and organ colors. Place a leaf on the above lid of the box. After designing, cut the box and add eyes and mouth to the box. You can place lids inside them and hang them around your house. This will help you in making a spooky presentation of your house.


Paper bats for dining table:

On Halloween, family members sit with each other and have dinners. Designing your dining table is a perfect idea to make your kitchen look horrifying. Take the sides of your cardboard box and paint it with pitch-black color. After coloring them, cut them into the shapes of bats. Make different bats from your boxes and place them around the plates with some glowing glitters on them. Children will surely like them, and they will give the idea that you are eating while sitting in a haunted house.


Frankenstein shaped decorations:

Frankenstein is a character from movies and cartoons that have been rooted in Halloween for a very long time. You can utilize the image and shape of the character and turn your boxes into it. For instance, you can take the box and put white paper pieces on both sides to make the ears of the characters. From pencil or color brush, design the left out part of the box with the image of Frankenstein. Make sure to utilize green color for the face and yellow for the eyes of the character.


Horrifying treat boxes:

Trick or treat is a trend that is very famous on Halloween. Children go to the door of neighbors and ask for candies, and they happily give them. To amaze the children and guests who are sitting in your houses, you can design your treat packages horrifyingly. Design your box with special paper layers and paint colors. Draw spooky characters on the sides of the boxes to scare children. Design them with dark colors and spooky themes.


Scary pumpkins:

Buying glass or plastic jars can be very expensive. You cannot buy decoration pieces that are heavily priced on Halloween. Utilizing craft ideas for custom boxes are the perfect ways to stay on budget and get unique presentations for the houses. For instance, you can cut them in the shape of pumpkins and place paper hats on them to give them the looks of a witch or ghost. You can cover them with a white cloth after placing bulbs inside them to make spooky decorations for your houses. Hang them above the doors or walls of the rooms.


Haunted boxes:

On Halloween, everyone wants their house to be the most haunted one in the whole town. That is why they spend a lot on decoration pieces and many other things. Utilizing paper boxes to make amazing and scary presentations is very easy. For instance, you can take your round cardboard boxes and paste horrifying images on them. You can cut the box into small lids that you can wrap around your doors and walls. Hang them outside your windows after pasting images of insects on them.


Skeleton light bulbs:

Skeleton light bulbs will give your house a terrifying look. To make them, take a box and cut it from the top in the shape of a bulb. Utilize black and white colors to draw shapes of skulls on their surfaces. Place glitters on the lines of the skulls. After this, you just have to put the box on your room bulb. This will surely give your bulb a terrifying look.


Witchy hats and broomsticks:

A witchy theme can be very scary and terrifying for your house. You can utilize paper packaging to make things that a witch carries. For instance, you can make a broomstick from your cardboard box by cutting it into different pieces and coloring them with brown color. You can place the stick into the corners of your house. You can also make a hat out of your box by cutting its sides and folding them into the shape of a cone. You can place the hats in different places in your kitchen and living room.


Custom paper boxes are flexible and customizable. You can mold them in many directions and design them with different crafting techniques. Show your creativity and design them according to the themes of Halloween. Utilize colors, add-ons, lids, tapes, and glues to customize them into different spooky things and haunt your neighbors and guests.


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