N95: An Anti-Pollution Mask That Can Protect You from The Coronavirus

With the rising levels of pollution in the air, many dangers are posed towards the well being of human existence. Many of the big cities in India are densely populated and the major cause behind the increasing levels of population is the large number of people that migrate towards the cities every year.

With the increasing population, comes an increasing amount of waste that is produced by humans and a lot of that waste has translated into different kinds of pollution harming the environment. But, the one that harms you the most is air pollution. In times like these, an air pollution mask is your best friend that will protect you not only from the harmful particles present in the air but also from the deadly corona virus.

The Combination of Air Pollution and The Coronavirus:

Ever since the entire world was affected by the spread of the coronavirus, stepping out of your house has become a thing to worry about. Why? because coronavirus is an airborne virus that can destroy your immune system and make you fall ill to the point that you might need to rely on a ventilator to stay alive.

The coronavirus can easily enter your body through your nose and your mouth and the protocols that you need to follow are frequent hand sanitization and wearing a mask. Now, if you happen to live in a city that is densely populated, you are not only posed with the danger of contracting the coronavirus but you are also at risk of developing breathing problems such as asthma due to the existing pollution in the air.

What Should You Do Then? 

You should buy an N95 mask. An N95 mask is a mask that doubles as an air pollution mask and a medical mask that protects you from deadly viruses.

Why an N95 Mask? 

  • Reusability: In times like these when a majority of people are facing monetary problems having to buy a mask, again and again, can be quite rough on your pocket. There are some variants of the N95 mask available in the market that can be used multiple times.
  • Respiratory Valves: The biggest problem associated with wearing a mask is the difficulty to breathe and talking clearly through the mask. Certain variants of the N95 mask come with respiratory valves that allow you to breathe properly and prevent your voice from being muffled while talking.
  • Multilayered Protection: The reason behind the mask being so effective in shielding against the virus and the pollution is the five layers of protection it provides.
  • It’s Fashionable: While the mask has a lot of medical value, the best N95 mask in India are made by brands that can provide you with fashionable masks. The N95 masks come in a variety of colors and designs to make your outfit a bit more perfect.

Bottom Line: 

On the internet, you can easily find the best N95 mask in India that is both high in quality and high in utility.

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