Wisconsin divorce: All about hiring the right lawyer

People often fail to understand that a divorce is more than just a piece of paper. Ending your marriage comes with consequences. It can impact your life financially and emotionally, and sometimes, it can be hard to make the right decisions. Wisconsin is a no-fault divorce state. You don’t have to blame your spouse to get divorced. If you have reached a point where there is no room for reconciliation, you don’t need the permission or consent of your spouse to get divorced. In this post, we are sharing key details about hiring a Wisconsin divorce lawyer

Why do you need an attorney?

When you are getting divorced, there’s a lot to worry about. Couples often argue about things like child custody, child support, and the distribution of assets. If you have these concerns, lawyering up is a good idea. If you want to seek maintenance, a lawyer can help determine if you have a case for alimony. An attorney can do the following – 

  • Advise you on your rights
  • Help mediate and discuss things with your spouse
  • Negotiate key aspects outside of the court
  • Represent you in court if needed
  • Take care of the paperwork

How to find the right divorce lawyer?

You don’t need any lawyer but someone who specializes in family law. Start by checking reviews of the law firm. You can also talk to people you know for references. Once you find a list of potential lawyers, consider asking for an appointment. Most lawyers offer low-cost consultations, and you can expect to get genuine advice on key matters. Ask questions like – 

  • How frequently do you take divorce cases in your practice?
  • Do you have experience tackling matters related to child support?
  • What are the factors that could impact the outcome of my divorce?
  • What can I do to protect my assets?
  • Who else is going to work on my case? Are you personally available?
  • What would be your strategy for my case?
  • How can I get updates on the case?
  • How much do I need to pay you?

Typically, divorce lawyers charge a flat fee or have an hourly rate. If you and your spouse are on talking terms and can settle things amicably, you can expect to get divorced without losing a lot in attorney’s fees. However, you would still need an attorney because they know what it takes to ease the process. It would be much easier to make decisions when you have unbiased legal advice. 

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