Why You Should Choose HONOR 70 Lite: Bring Different Experiences For You

There’s no doubt that smartphones have become a staple in most people’s lives, especially the HONOR series. But do you know why they are so popular among people? It turns out that HONOR 70 Lite can actually help you achieve better results in work by many things like extra speed with Snapdragon 5G Soc, large storage and fulfill display. Besides, it also improves user experience , you can feel that when you are entertaining with it. In this blog post, we will discuss these advantages of HONOR 70 Lite and you will fall in love with it.

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Advantages of HONOR 70 Lite: Faster, Larger and Funner

Allow you to upload and download in extra speed

Qualcomm Snapdragon 5G Soc provide you extra speed to surf on the internet. When you’re trying to download a movie on your phone or upload elegant selfies to instagram, it’s important to be with high internet speed.With 5G Soc in the honor 70 lite, you could download something is 1GB fo only 10 seconds. The maximum upload speed is 190Mbps, while the maximum download speed is 1.8Gbps. In addition, HONOR 70 Lite provides 8-core, which means its engine is with incredible performance,that could deal with multitask at the same time.

With that extra speed, it’s easy to handle telecommuting, such as online meetings, team collaboration. You can work out efficiently without pause, and work from everywhere for that phones are easier to carry than laptops. Meanwhile, high speed brings more comfortable when watching cations movies. Whatever watching online or downloading videos in advance, it won’t let you wait for a long time.

Help you store more beautiful experiences

HONOR 70 Lite has 128G large storage for you to store more with those beautiful pics, videos, sounds and vital files. The super large storage brings a worry- free experience,containing all your cherished music, photos and songs at ease. In charge this large storage can save more than 27000 photos ,or 11000 music songs, or 440 HD videos. 

This storage could promise you to download enough materials ahead of schedule if you work from somewhere no-wireless connection. Loss of work files won’t be lost in this storage, it’s search tool will help you find every file you had stored. Otherwise, it’s good news for people who love picture life because they like taking photos with every tiny things and share them with friends and families, maybe a flower blooming after rain, maybe their child first say “hi”, or maybe just a delicious meal in a normal weekday. A large storage sees a normal person’s beautiful life and keeps them, which is a romantic thing for a user.

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Make you feel comfortable to use

Have you ever felt like the smartphone’s sounds too low-quality to use? HONOR’s dual MIC noise cancelation technology eliminates environmental noise,improves human voice, and makes voice calls clearer. Certified with Hi-Res Audio and Hi-Res Audio Wireless, you can enjoy high-quality music whether with wired earphones or wireless earbuds.

6.5-inch full view display can manifest your high require. 90Hz refresh rate provides smooth graphics, low blue light protects your eyes, eBook mode, side fingerprint recognition, and one top to unlock security in convenience promise better user experience.


As you can see, there are many advantages that HONOR 70 Lite can help improve your using experience. So if you’re looking to change your phone, pick HONOR 70 Lite and get to work or entertain. HONOR 70 Lite can help you achieve better by Snapdragon 5G Soc, large storage and fulfill display. So what are you waiting for? Take HONOR 70 Lite with you and start achieving better results today! You will thank you for it!

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