Why You Need A Digital Marketing Plan For Your Business In 2021

How do you begin a digital marketing strategy for your business? This is a problem that many businesses still face. Many know how important digital and mobile channels are for acquiring and maintaining customers.


They don’t have a plan in place to support digital transformation, business growth, and engage their online audience. You will be unable to compete with digitally savvy competitors if your business doesn’t have a strategic marketing plan. Every business like Staffing Agencies, B2B, and B2C needs marketing according to their needs.

If you don’t have a plan or don’t know what business issues to address in your strategic review, here are the top 10 problems that can arise from a lack of a strategy.

You are directionless

I’ve found that many companies that don’t have a digital strategy, even those that do, don’t have a clear goal. They want to acquire new customers and build deeper relationships with their existing customers. If you don’t have SMART digital marketing goals you won’t be able to achieve them. You also won’t be able to evaluate your progress through analytics.

You won’t know your online audience


If you don’t research this, your customer demand for online services could be underestimated. You won’t understand your online market, and this is perhaps even more important. This dynamic will be different from traditional channels, which have different customer profiles, behavior, competitors, offers, and other options for marketing communications.



Market share will be gained by existing and early-stage competitors

Your competitors will eat your digital lunch if you don’t allocate enough resources for digital or if your approach is ad-hoc with no defined strategies.


You don’t have a powerful online value proposition


You can differentiate your online service by creating a clearly defined digital value proposition that is tailored to each customer. This will encourage existing and potential customers to engage with your service and stay loyal. Many organizations need to develop an omnichannel marketing strategy. Content is what engages your customers across all channels, including search, social media, email marketing, and your blog.

  1. Your online customers don’t know you well enough

Digital is often referred to as the “most quantifiable medium ever”. Google Analytics and similar tools will only show you the volume of visits. They won’t tell you what the visitors think. To identify and fix weaknesses, you can use other types of user feedback.

You are not integrated


Digital marketing activities are often done in silos. This can be true whether the digital marketer is a specialist, sitting in IT, or a separate agency. This makes it easier to put all the digital in one convenient block. It is, however, less efficient. Digital media is most effective when it is integrated with traditional media and response channels.



Given its importance, digital doesn’t have enough budgets or people to support it.

Planning and execution of e-marketing will require insufficient resources. Competitor threats will likely be met with insufficient e-marketing expertise.


Duplication is a waste of time and money.

Even if you have sufficient resources, they can be wasted. This is particularly true for larger companies, where different departments may use different tools or agencies to complete similar tasks online.

You need to make sure your marketing strategy works for you and your team.

You’re not agile enough to keep up with the pace.

Look at top online brands such as Amazon, Dell, and Google. They are all dynamic and constantly trying new ways to retain or gain their audience online.

Optimizing is not your goal

Analytics are a must for any business that has a website. Many senior managers fail to ensure that their teams have access to analytics or take the time and review them with their staff. Once you have a solid foundation in digital marketing, you can start to improve key elements such as site user experience, search marketing, email marketing, and social media marketing. Average.


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