Why Hotels in Chandīgarh are Popular in Indian Tourism Industry?

Chandigarh is the only joint capital of Punjab and Hariyana and also it is the union territory of India. Reaching Chandīgarh is very easy as lots of options are available via railway, roadways and even if you are coming from Delhi, you can fly over here.

Before jumping into hotels in Chandigarh lets jump into the culture, ambiance, food, and most importantly the tourism spots for those who want to leave their towns for two to three days or so come here in a Punjabi society and with a “Sat Sri Akal” which basically a greeting from them and means Truth is the timeless one.

Popular places in Chandīgarh: What we can enjoy?

Basically, it takes concisely and approximately three days if you are packed plan to check out the most beauties over the place. And when we speak about beauty, we strikeout

Why Hotels in Chandīgarh are Popular?

It refers the land that consists of Sikh Punjabi and some Christian and other Hindu communities in a small proportion are available here. The Sikh and Punjabis are very much overwhelmed with their guests and they utter ‘pa-ji’ which respects the word brotherhood.

Here are some places you can visit if you’re coming to Chandīgarh as follows

Sukhna Lake:

Down below Shivalik hills this lake is situated this lake has a very unique water color which is pristine blue and this lake is made by some communities left here ago. Beside these lakes there is very broad way where joggers’ morning walkers and start off their day. You should come here first and let yourself fill with joy and ecstasy of natural air sunset and scenic beauty of this lake.

City Water Park:

One of the biggest amusement parks among north India is available here with lots of amenities available various types of water slides, wave pools are available and also some different types of boating is also available here for children till adults. And also, the charges to get inside is vary comparable accordingly with other states.

Rock garden:

By the name it already sounds everything is made out of rocks but hold on gardens should be consists of trees and plants isn’t it well that right but here comes a small twist lets see what. This place is very near like one and a half kilometers from SukhnaLake that we just talked about.

Near sector 1 in Chandīgarh there is an open-air hall yes correct exhibition hall where there is no roof and there you can find a lot of Indian culture artistic sculpture which is made from industrial waste rocks and all other ingredient. This land consists of forty acers of land massive isn’t it?

Other Things to Do: Check it out at a glance

 There are several other places to visit in Chandīgarh which are elante mall, rose garden thunder zone, garden of silence and many more.

These are the location you should visit while you are here turning around for a while now this is the main and most reason why people come over here hover around and get a good view with the safety exactly this city is safest among all other in India at nights.

Food and culture

When it comes to food it’s a basically Punjabi cuisine all over the Punjab which consists of loads of ghee and butter with whole some lassi. Lassi is sucha drink when greeted guest is used in Punjab and also Punjabi naan, Amritsari kulcha is also famous over here.

Alike New Delhi, here is also a number of street food joints are available just be with your friends and get the happiness go through your taste buds. Here are some lists of places you should visit to eat.

  • Garg chat, (in area sec 23) crunchy golgappa is famous over here
  • Bholey di hattey, (this is in sec 44) this is famous for their rajma choley rice which is broadly accepted over the Punjab may you get any corner.
  • Firewood pizza,this consists of some pizza with desi sidekick on it and believe me its damn tasty and the main thing is its pocket friendly.
  • Burger joint,there are several burger joints available over here which is really delicious and also at the same time pocket friendly.

Why Hotels in Chandīgarh are Popular?

  1. Hotels are very much popular in Chandigarh as already has been told that you can hover around the places just in three to four days where resorts will be more costlier comparing to the hotels.
  2. Best amenities are available in the hotels with a very cheaper price and even if you want to eat out side have a great desi dhaba food and roam around without luxurious things hotels comes in mind for a best deal.
  3. Availability of hotels are also very higher. In this small town there are nearly hundreds of best deal hotels available which ranges from seven hundred till thirty thousand Alishan bungalow.

Yeah, you heard right just rupees seven hundred and if you are in your twenties and you’re having a bachelor and planning for a bachelor trip Chandīgarh is definitely for you.

Why it is very popular in Chandīgarh?

  • Cheaper rates make you think less and let your pocket rest and you cand spend them in other amenities.
  • Even the rates are less the service are way to good with a great comfort
  • You can choose either you want to go for restaurant jointed with the hotels or is it something that calls you outside for a country taste.
  • You can access any Vehicle from the hotel to roam over other places isn’t that sounds good.

Here’s why Hotels in Chandīgarh are Popular?Goibibo answers all your questions better and fast also.

Some hotels for recommendation (however you can choose up to your consideration)

  • Hotel sun park (Zikapur) this one is near to Kalka highway starts just at fourteen hundred ninety-three rupees.
  • Hotel Kailash palace is situated in sector 22 and has a very cheaper rate as thousand and seventeen rupees.
  • Hyatt regency Chandigarh very famous with lot of amenities like resorts also has a fair deal nearly seven thousand as it is a five-star hotel.
  • Mandarin square this is also in a range of three thousand rupees and situated ion sector 17.

Important notes:-

So to conclude everything a place which take Marely 2 to 3 days has a very safe city provides different culture with lot of places to roam around With a very cheaper rate of hotels is a must go on trip.

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