Who is a FDCPA lawyer and how does he help in a case? Chicago

As the household debt rate jumps to over 10% in the U.S., more people are in debt. Those in debt are more prone to falling prey to debt collectors’ inappropriate behaviors of collecting payments. If you are in financial trouble and are harassed by debt collectors, consult an experienced fdcpa lawyer Chicago.

Who is a FDCPA lawyer?

FDCPA is a law that regulates the debt collector and forbids them from any illegal debt collection practice. An FDCPA lawyer is well versed with the law and recognizes punishments, representation, and threats that violate the act. If there is any violation of your rights, the lawyer helps you in the legal process and leverages that violation while negotiating your debt. However, you must know any breach by the debt collector will not help you get rid of the debt but can help you with negotiations.

How does a FDCPA lawyer helps in a case?

  • Take responsibilities off your shoulders: As unsettling and stressful situation being in debt is, the non-stop calls from debt collectors and agencies are equally draining. It is frustrating to tell the creditors about your low financial situation. And what is worse, it will not stop them from contacting you. However, if you are represented by a lawyer and the third party knows it, all direct contact with you must cease. Having a lawyer will relieve this burden from your shoulders since now he will handle all the communications on your behalf.
  • Explain the law to you: Now that everything is available online, consumers have access to all the laws and regulations on the internet. But legal language is tricky and can be easily misunderstood by anyone who is not in this profession. Having an attorney by your side makes sure you are well aware of the law properly. Your lawyer will help you understand how the law applies to you and how the laws of FDCPA vary in your state.
  • Provide you with all the information: Under the FDCPA, you can get specific information from your debt collectors if you request them. They are required to disclose that information to you. An FDCPA lawyer knows what information to ask and how it can be used to your advantage in challenging your debt. 


If you feel you are a victim of aggressive debt collector harassment, do not delay and schedule a free consultation call with an FDCPA lawyer. They help you protect your rights and the fair compensation that you deserve.

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