When the Unexpected Happens This Holiday, Be Prepared

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Despite your best efforts, the holidays can veer off your carefully laid plans. You get sick, your car needs work, and your dog needs emergency vet care. 

Preparing for these unexpected issues isn’t always easy, especially when you’re spending more than usual. That’s why most people have a line of credit tucked away. This loan gives you the means to take on essential repairs and payments, even when your savings fall short. 

If you don’t already have one, don’t feel left out. Check out these tips on applying for a line of credit online to see if it is something you want to add to your financial toolkit. It can provide a critical safety net until you rebuild your savings. 

Of course, having a line of credit can be helpful in emergencies, but you don’t want to load up on debt just because you can. So, what can you do? Being aware of what can go wrong can help you prevent it from going wrong in the first place. 

Watch Out for These Unexpected Issues — They Can Be Expensive!

Knowing how your holidays can go sideways can help you make smarter choices throughout the season. You can set aside some cash in emergency savings just in case you encounter any of the problems below.

1. Icy Falls

The winter weather can create a hazard out of your sidewalk and driveways. If you aren’t careful, you can join the other millions of people in the ER for fall-related injuries. 

You can reduce your risk of a nasty tumble by keeping your path clear of snow. Shovel frequently and put down salt to melt ice. You can also wear grip accessories on your boots to provide greater traction. 

2. Flus and Other Illnesses

Your four-year-old nephew sneezes directly into your mouth when you’re over for a festive dinner. Next thing you know, you have a temperature and a case of the sniffles. Socializing indoors during a stressful time of year increases your chances of getting sick and having to pay for medication. 

Consider getting the flu shot to beef up your immune system before the biggest celebrations, and try to avoid other guests who sound sick.

3. Kitchen Nightmares

Whether you’re a natural or a novice in the kitchen, the pressure of serving up an amazing meal can cause you to make silly mistakes. It doesn’t help that you’re dealing with extreme heat and sharp objects to deliver on the festive crudités and casseroles. You can wind up having to go to the ER about a burn or deep cut, covering out-of-pocket expenses on medication.

Taking a slow and measured approach to the big meals can help you avoid injuring yourself.

4. Vet Emergencies

Many of your favourite snacks and dishes contain toxic ingredients for your pets. If they nibble on something they shouldn’t, you may have to rush them to an emergency vet clinic. On a holiday, these clinics can be very expensive.

Beware of the foods your pets can’t eat, and keep a close watch on them when you’re serving food. 

5. Auto or Household Repairs

Winter conditions are tough on your vehicle and home. Between the plunging temperatures and extreme weather, something can break, leak, or otherwise need attention. 

You may not be able to anticipate these repairs until they arrive. However, you might be able to avoid them by investing in routine maintenance and upkeep. 

The Takeaway:

This article does not mean to scare you or convince you that your holidays will go wrong. Far from it! With the tips shared here today, you can sidestep disaster and focus on what really matters this season. 

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