What Your Birth Chart Can Reveal

There are very few tools available to psychics that are as useful as the birth chart you build when you do a deep astrological reading for a client. A detailed chart documents the entire layout of the heavens at the time of one’s birth, making it relevant to the interpretation of future transits and confluences between the stars and planets. But what does that really reveal?

Who We Are at Our Core

By describing the circumstances of one’s birth, it is easier to interpret changes relative to that baseline. A birth chart goes beyond the simple sun, moon, and rising configuration that many people know about themselves, charting out the interactions between all heavenly bodies and the parts of life they are most relevant to for any given individual. That means a variety of predispositions and attitude-determining factors are revealed.

  • Tendencies toward introversion or extroversion in key areas of life
  • Problem-solving strategies that suit your personality and work intuitively
  • Relationship and communication difficulties with others and the reasons for them
  • Tactics for achieving one’s goals that suit the whole personality

These elements of a birth chart are not simple or something to be interpreted as a one-off reading in a vacuum. Instead, they help you put daily and weekly readings into context, providing you with the tools you need to dig deeper when you are encountering major changes in your life or in the astrological calendar. One good example of this is the way Saturn returns operate, since the location of Saturn in your birth chart determines what part of your life the return affects most as an adult.

Achieving Lifetime Goals

Your birth chart does more than just describe circumstances around your birth and the influence of personality factors and other dispositions on your early development. It can also identify areas where you are prone to disappointment and why, allowing you to strategize a path to your lifelong goals that avoids those pitfalls and takes advantage of your own assets. That might mean finding love by giving up on social convention for some. For others, it means understanding the way your disposition leads you to relate to different areas of life like work and romance. This can help inform psychic readings online by showing you how to use the information that is revealed in practical ways.

  • Are you likely to make friends or even find romance through your work?
  • Do you value compartmentalizing your life?
  • Is personal privacy or emotional openness more satisfying to you?

These are just some of the questions that a deep birth chart analysis can help you with. Once you understand the answers for yourself, it is much easier to find a resistance-free path to your larger goals.

Gain Wide Insight Into Your Psyche

Astrology and birth chart readings are just one part of the toolkit when you work with a psychic. By using them alongside other methods, including tarot and dream analysis psychic readings, you can gain more insight into your own subconscious, which helps you avoid self-sabotage and other side effects caused by denial. Get in touch with a psychic today, and start learning more about your own deep motivations.

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