What Type of Fuse Does My Car Use?

Modern automobiles have an incredible amount of electrical wiring in them, and the best way to protect this wiring is with high-quality fuses. However, there are several types of fuses out there for different applications, brands, and types of vehicles. Choosing and using the right fuse is essential.

What Are Fuses So Important?

Fuses protect a car’s electrical components. While older car models may not depend as much on electricity as newer models, most cars today use electricity for heating, air conditioning, windows, lights and blinkers, the internal computer, and radio, and much more.

Your car won’t work properly (and may not work at all) without a working electrical system, which is why car manufacturers use fuses in the first place. They keep a short-circuit or overcurrent in one component from destroying the entire electrical system.

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Types of Car Fuses

The most common fuse type is the blade or space fuse, which most manufacturers have used since the mid-80s. Older vehicles may have Lucas, Bosch, or glass tube fuses.

Blade Fuses

There are four main types of blade fuses used in modern vehicles:

  • Low-profile mini
  • Mini
  • Micro2
  • Micro3
  • Maxi heavy-duty

The main difference between these is simply the size. The particular fuse type used varies based on year and model.

Lucas Fuses

Lucas fuses are most common in British cars manufactured before 1986. There are both ceramic and glass varieties, which are cylindrical in shape.

Bosch Fuses

Bosch fuses are normally found in older cars made in Europe. These car fuses are long and have conical ends. The color of the plastic tells you the ampere rating.

Glass Tube Fuses

American-made cars manufactured before 1986 mostly have glass tube fuses. They are cylindrical and come in various lengths.

Fuse Ratings

Not only are there different fuse types, but they also handle varying amounts of amperes. If you install a fuse with an amperage that is too high or too low, you run the risk of damage to your electrical system.

Modern fuses are color-coded and should also include a written amperage rating on them. Some of the most common are 7.5A, 30A, and 100A, also known as MEGA fuses. Modern standards dictate that 7.5A car fuses be brown, 30A fuses be green and 100A fuses are a different design altogether.

What Type of Fuse Does My Car Use?

The types of fuses your vehicle uses not only depends on the year and model but also on the type of electrical equipment your car uses. Thus, one car could use several different fuse types, and will certainly use several different fuse ratings. You can find out which specific fuses your car uses by opening your fuse box or asking a professional to do so. Check your car manual for the location of your fuse box; it will also list the proper amperage rating for every fuse your car uses.

Where Can I Buy Fuses?

It’s important to purchase automotive fuses from a reputable source because the quality of the fuse can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Using the best quality fuse can ensure that they will last longer and work better. For a wide variety of top-quality car fuses, a great choice is always Rogo Fastener.


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