What Should You Prefer: Fantasy Sports App vs Fantasy Football App Development?

What Should You Prefer: Fantasy Sports App vs Fantasy Football App Development?

Fantasy sports has become a huge industry in the past few years. The engagement of people and the way they have welcomed these applications is unbelievable as people from across the globe play fantasy games online with the help of these apps. Multiple sports can be chosen with the perspective of creating a fantasy sports app. People have always been dicey on where the betting stands and with the help of these apps, they have got a much more sophisticated way of enjoying the game with their thrill while earning extra rewards from the same. There are many fantasy sports app development companies that can provide you with the finest technical solutions and get your application up and running in no time. However, you might have seen the diversity in the types of apps available in the market.

Some are specifically designed for a sport such as a football while some offer a wide range of games that one can enjoy in a single app. Now, what are the differences between these two approaches? Well, that is based on the vision of an enterprise. You see there are several different ways a person approaches a development task. Developing a single app for multiple applications will cost more than going for a single game-centric app but that is just the outer layer of this comparison.

In this post, let’s take a deeper dive into the factors affecting these decisions of the businesses and we will also be answering the biggest question about the topic, which is, which approach should you go for? If you are trying to get your hands on the profits that the field has to offer, you need a solid app development company that can guide you with the technical challenges of coming up with one such app, as well as provides you with a better consultation on which path you should go. So hold on tight as this post is all you need to clear the confusion! Shall we begin then?

 Fantasy Sports App vs Fantasy Football App development: What is the difference?

You might be thinking that fantasy sports app development is all about sports and football is also a game that can entice the users so it hardly matters which app you go with as both have significant potential. Well, that is where you are wrong as they both are similar in the niche but the differences that they have are unparalleled. You see, going in the same field never means that you are at the same level as there are certain differences that one has to understand while going for a fantasy sports app or a game-specific fantasy football app development. What are the differences? Let’s take a look at them and understand what segregates them and makes the field confusing.

To get a better understanding of all the differences, we will compare them on the core pillars that mobile app development services find the most important  –

  1. Development Cost & Time -, when you want to integrate tons of features you have to pay more, however, while most of you might think that including multiple games will mean more development time or a higher development cost, then you might be slightly wrong. You see, gamification, live feed fetching, responsive leaderboards, etc. are all implemented in both football fantasy sports apps and fantasy sports apps in general. The same modules are used in the fantasy sports app and hence if you go for a football-specific app you might find that there is not much difference in development cost as both of them will use similar integrating features however time can be of the essence here as one will have to pay more attention in creating multiple game lobbies and leaderboards which will take more time. So if you are thriving to launch early and monopolize the scene, you can go for a specific app however if cost is your issue, feel free to go for the multiple game support as it hardly matters the investment.
  2. Clientele & Targetted Audience – Now here’s where a complete package of a fantasy app goes a step ahead of a game-specific application be it football, NFL, or anything else. You see, when you go specific you tend to shrink your clientele. A user who is interested in betting might not look at what game he is invested in as he is interested in the rewards and the odds that they have to offer. However, only the enthusiasts of football who want to play fantasies sports based on their favorite player’s abilities become your target audience to cater to. When you want to reach the masses, you have to think of them, and hence an all-inclusive fantasy sports app will be a better option to go for. Also, not to forget, if the app interface is good and the insights provided are accurate with no funding issues, you might turn your consumers into new followers of a game. That will help you enhance your usability and bring more clients to you.
  3. Engagement & Retention of Users – One of the most important factors in designing the app and running a fantasy sports app business is to get the attention of the user. The more engagement and retention an app gets, the higher is the business and user rate. There is no denying the fact that multiple businesses have multiple ups and downs. When you cater to a large number of people, you tend to get lost in managing a lot of things. For instance, if you are targeting multiple sports, that do not have a high volume following than football, you are wasting your time as there is hardly any potential in that. On the other hand, if you have developed a highly functional and rigid application for football fantasy competitions, you can make a lot of profit as the people who love the game are always ready to stay online on your platform. Similarly, if you can integrate football as a highlight in your multiple games application, you can solve the issues wisely.

These are the 3 core pillars on which your fantasy sports business survives. You might have understood the differences that these two applications have in their various fields. As far as making a decision and going for the appropriate decision is concerned, you must analyze the factors in detail. Do not worry, we have also done that for you, check out the next section for more insights!

Fantasy Sports App vs Fantasy Football App development: Which one should you choose?

Suppose there are 2 fantasy sports apps where you as a user can go and place your bets on the players and the games to earn extra rewards. One is a football-based fantasy app that will help you play fantasy competitions on football while the other one has a wide spectrum of games that you can play and choose to bet on. Which one would you choose? The opinion on this question of the user might vary as to if a person has an interest in playing fantasy sports or betting for that matter, he/she will not look for a game-specific app as they enjoy the thrill and would love to have a piece from every game. On the other hand, if people are really football enthusiasts and only play for fun and thrill, they might acknowledge the football-based fantasy app as a better option.

There is no doubt that user experience and retention is the key role player in making any application successful and that is why, knowing that a single app might fetch you an onscreen time of say 20 minutes, providing a user more games to interact with might double that rate for you. Not only that, when your application has multiple use cases, there are hardly any downsides to that other than having a higher development time and cost which is a one-time investment. On the other hand, if you are in it for a longer run and have an issue with funds to liquidate, you can go for a football fantasy app in the beginning and then later turn to a major multiple fantasy sports app as that is what will work for you in the longer run.

In case you have a solid team and a vision to monopolize the football fantasy field, you can play the gamble and stay invested in the single module idea as long as the vision is to become the best and the fines, for which you not only need a solid implementation but you will also need some great fantasy app developers that stick with you and leave no flaws behind. The ideal choice to start a profitable business is to go with a complete fantasy app package as that is what can help you turn your vision into a bigger-than-ever dream come true.

Hope this post helps you get clarity on which path you should take. In events of confusion feel free to bring the best consultants on board by reaching out to the experts, there are so many available in the market and can certainly guide you towards your goal. All the best!

 Author’s Bio:  Alicia works with the editorial team of A3logics, a leading company offering fantasy sports app development. Exploring the latest technologies, reading about them, and writing her views have always been her passion. She seeks new opportunities to express her opinions, explore technological advancements, and document the details. You can always find her enjoying books or articles about varied topics or jotting down her ideas in a notebook.

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