What is an Association Management Company?

An association management company (AMC) provides professional services to nonprofit associations and membership-based organizations. They specialize in assisting associations with day-to-day operations, financial management, event planning, etc.

These companies have expertise across all facets of association management, so they can streamline the process to help you focus on mission and strategic leadership. They also offer standalone services, such as membership management or meeting planning, to fill gaps where you need them most.

They’re Professionals

Association management companies have been helping trade associations and professional societies run smoothly for over a century. These firms are specialized in nonprofit management and provide the dedicated staff, office space, equipment, and technologies an association needs to operate.

Whether seeking help with strategic planning, marketing, or member management, an AMC can be an incredible resource. But before bringing them on, you want to ensure they’re the right fit for your organization and its goals.

They’re Convenient

An association management company can help you manage the day-to-day tasks of running an association. These include maintenance management, community relations, dues collections, and more.

They can also handle the process of preparing and filing tax returns. However, it can be burdensome and time-consuming, especially when associations need to catch up on budgets.

AMCs can also help you hire contractors for maintenance and upkeep on your grounds. These businesses are skilled in locating the ideal providers for your particular requirements and will collaborate with them to guarantee that their task is completed to your delight.

They’re Efficient

An association management company provides the professional staff, administrative support, office space, technology, and equipment an association needs to operate efficiently. They’re also experts in helping associations, trade groups, and nonprofit organizations run their day-to-day operations so that volunteer leaders can focus on their long-term goals.

They may specialize in a certain sector, such as membership management or conference preparation, or offer a wide range of services. They can also take over a project for an association, such as new construction or upgrades to shared spaces, and consult on short-term projects like strategic deep dives.

To boost members’ experiences and engagement, look for an association management company to deliver digital strategies like virtual events. In addition, check to see if they have experience managing websites and social media campaigns.

They’re Affordable

Association management companies offer affordable, comprehensive services for associations that cannot handle all their needs in-house. They are a cost-effective solution for an association needing more staff or resources to properly maintain its membership database, events, and other back-end technology.

Ideally, these organizations have much experience managing other clients in your sector. They will have professional insight into your industry that you might need access to. They can help you develop a marketing strategy and provide best practices to reach your goals.

AMCs also provide event management services, such as planning and coordinating conferences, training sessions, or product launches. These services can help you enhance your professional prestige and create networking opportunities for your members.

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