What insurance best covers a car of this type?

It may be a car that looks great on the outside, but the structural damage it could have is still unknown, so experts recommend a policy that covers it in all aspects, both in the safety of the driver and the damages of the car.

The insurance that supports in these cases is the Amplia or Amplia Plus package and contains the following coverages:

  • Civil Liability for damage to third parties: in the event of an accident that causes damage to another driver, vehicle protection will cover both injuries to the third party and the damage caused to your car.
  • Legal advice: If the accident caused the driver to be taken to the authorities, the policy will cover legal advice and payment of bonds, depending on the amount insured.
  • Medical Service: For bodily injuries, the coverage sends the driver to a hospital and his companions. It reimburses medicines or studies.
  • Material Damage: if the car was damaged by an accident or fortuitous event, the insurance is responsible for the repair or compensates for total loss. In these cases there is a deductible.
  • Total Theft: The company will compensate the car depending on the commercial value, invoice or agreed of the same.

It also supports funeral service, towing service, private driver, lodging in case of an incident, among others.

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