What are the best Personal Finance Youtube channels?

Lately, I get lost watching videos on Youtube. In this article, I want to tell you about my favorite Personal Finance channels.

Although I must tell you that none of the channels I’m going to tell you about has reached (yet) sensational numbers.

Perhaps because the subject is not so sexy, especially if treated exclusively.

However, Youtube is an excellent means of communication.

It is, therefore, possible that sooner or later some channel will make a bang in this area too.

Then consider that this media focuses a lot on the young range of internet users and therefore it will perhaps take a few years before this happens.

In fact, for many and me, Youtube and the internet have replaced traditional media.

Only when I go to my parents’ house do I realize the existence (still) of certain characters and TV programs.

Youtube has the advantage of giving you great choice in the content to be displayed.

I watch a bit of everything and the channels I see the most do not concern the Personal Finance area.

I have always listened carefully to Marco Montemagno’s interviews ( which in any case almost always have a business cut).

Lately, I recommend a very interesting interview with Tommaso (singer of Zero Assoluto) on esports of which sooner or later I will also write an article because they are the future, a chat with Marcello Ascani, Luis, Rovazzi and many others …

I also really like Jack Nobile’s magic games and Dario Vignali ‘s travel, business, or personal growth videos.

With the growth of users, the revenues grow but also the quality and quantity of the contents.

Youtube is establishing itself as a platform for the publication of semi-professional content and the level is now very high, so much so that even traditional media draws here for their productions.

It is also a way to make money and if you want to start producing videos too, you can read my guide on how to make money with Youtube. it’s not as easy as it used to be, but it’s still relatively affordable.

Before leaving you to the list of my favorite Personal Finance Youtubers 

As always in these cases, it is an ongoing list that I will keep updated thanks to your advice. The order is only random and does not reflect the value or the number of subscribers of the channels.

In this article

  • # 1 – Graham Stephan
  • # 2 – My Business by Davide Marciano
  • # 3 – Filippo Angeloni
  • # 4 – Giuseppe Gatti
  • # 5 – William Gutierrez – Investing in Real Estate
  •  # 6 – Tiziano Tridico
  • # 7 – Johnny FD
  • # 8 – Leonardo Pinna
  • Conclusions

# 1 – Graham Stephan

Graham is the No. 1 in English.

It is a pleasure to hear his videos which are very clear and well constructed, even if they are sometimes a bit far from our point of view and very emphatic.

Real estate videos are very interesting. He has insane earnings on Youtube. Certainly inspirational for many.

# 2 – My Business by Davide Marciano

Davide Marciano is now a Brand .

Since 2014 he has been the most authoritative voice in Italy in the Personal Finance field.

That’s why his Youtube channel is certainly one of those to look at more carefully even in the future.

Some videos are already very interesting, including for example the one on buying a first home.

Obviously, given the richness of the My Business blog, I recommend that you don’t forget to start from there.

# 3 – Filippo Angeloni

Filippo Angeloni is a teacher specializing in Cryptocurrencies and owes his popularity to Youtube.

He is very serious, professional, and clear in his exposition.

In addition to the articles on crypto, he has published some excellent ones on personal finance in the strict sense.

For example, I think the videos on ROE and ROI, on ETFs, are very well done.

# 4 – Giuseppe Gatti

Giuseppe Gatti is a real estate investor.

Publish technical articles on how to buy and sell properties with useful tips on what to avoid, how to improve, and get the best in individual trades.

It also shows real operations and these are probably my favorite videos.

We are talking about a professional.

# 5 – William Gutierrez – Investing in Real Estate

William is a very young boy originally from El Salvador and operating in real estate in Milan.

It is the classic case of those who, starting from Zero in 2012, began to do real estate transactions, learning the trade at his own expense.

His videos are not well-finished from an aesthetic point of view, but William dispenses pearls and is very pleasant to follow.

It is a really good example and tells a lot of interesting anecdotes. Top Player!

 # 6 – Tiziano Tridico

Perhaps Tiziano Tridico’s channel is a little off-topic concerning the topic of Personal Finance.

Tiziano is a crypto evangelist and regularly updates his members on the world of cryptocurrencies.

I like it because it is very professional and because it could speak a little bit of everything in a very passionate but technical way at the same time.

To follow in its evolution.

# 7 – Johnny FD

Johnny is a Digital Nomad.

In his channel, he talks about his passions including travel, business as an affiliate.

It is certainly very interesting and I recommend it if you also want to distract yourself from time to time by watching underwater videos shot in the most beautiful paradises in the world.

Johnny publishes a monthly report on his finances with a particular focus on his passive income also on video. To follow!

# 8 – Leonardo Pinna

I have been following Leonardo for some time and with pleasure, I notice that, and today he is truly one of the most competent and interesting personal finance communicators on the Italian scene.

Tackle interesting topics like P2P, stocks, and managing your finances.

It deserves the growth it is achieving thanks to the content of absolute value.


In addition to channels, Youtube also allows you to watch very interesting videos, even produced by traditional media.

For example, there are interviews with the most important men in the world that I often find myself watching.

It is a world and like all open spaces, it is not easy to find your way around and takes time.

More and more channels made by professionals are establishing themselves and unfortunately, the amateur aspect of the instrument will disappear a little.

Today there is still a lot of space to open a new channel on topics not covered.

I have some ideas, but then I always lack the time to start.

But basically, it is never said.

Don’t forget to recommend your favorite channel or channels!


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