What are the basic details that you should know about the apostille services?

The apostille word has been derived from French which means to have proper certification and this is considered to be certification of documents that are legal and are issued by the registered authority in a specific country. If a particular document has been undertaken under the apostille services it will make sure the document has been perfectly verified and will be perfectly legal to be utilized in any nation. This is considered to be the highest possible order of legalization in the member nations of the convention. Hence the apostille convention is the best possible way of finding out the member nations who are very much successful in terms of accepting all these kinds of documents.


There is no need to get the attestation from the embassy of the destination country on the document which has gone through the comprehensive process of apostille services. If the apostilled document is older than six months then it is very much important for the people to get the documents attested again under the competency process of an apostille.


Broadly there are three types of mean verifications that need to be perfectly implemented to get the apostille stamp on the documents and these are explained as follows:


  • The notary from the authorized personnel
  • The state authorization from the concerned department or SDM attestation
  • The MEA apostille


Another very important step is there if the destination country is not a member of the convention then the concerned individuals have to go through the comprehensive embassy legalization of that particular country as well.


What are the scenarios in which state authentication and MEA apostille services are required?



Every document in nations like India will belong to one or the other 29 states or the union territory which is the main reason that getting the state authorization first is very much important. First of all the individuals need to check if the destination country is a member of the convention or not. If it is not on the list then people need to go through the state attestation procedure. If the country is in the convention list but it is Austria or Italy then also people need to take the state authorization and if the document is from the states like Haryana, Goa, Uttar Pradesh, and Punjab then also people need to have the state attestation and authentication services done.


The details present on the apostille will include the following things:


  • The name of the country from which the document was issued
  • The name of the person to whom the document has been issued
  • The name of the person who has signed the document
  • The designation of the signed person
  • The place of certification and date of certification
  • The number of certificates
  • The stamp of authority issuing certificate
  • The signature of authority issuing certificate


Hence, the overall process of availing the apostille legalisation process is very much important for the people so that they can ensure a hassle-free stay in the foreign nation and fulfill their overall purposes very easily and efficiently.


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