Which one websites fits the most for your Business


When a brand or enterprise wants to venture into the internet, one of the actions to take is the creation of a website. Depending on the business and objective of venturing into the internet, you must define what type of site is needed and what content is going to be published or disseminated on it. 

Websites vary depending on the content to be disseminated. Some are used to publish informative content, others to offer products and services, some even allow online commerce. Others seek to promote a specific event and others generate interaction in two ways, that is, the site with the user and the user with the site.

A well-developed website can be the perfect tool to build loyalty with your target audience. WDCL offers web development and design that adjusts to the needs of its clients. Below is a list of the websites that exist and their main characteristics, according to our definition.

1. Landing Page

The “landing pages ” in their translation, landing pages, are used by companies or autonomous sites for the generation of potential leads and for conversion in real-time. For example, selling a specific product, the user registering for an event or simply filling out a form to be contacted. These types of pages have the objective of the visitor to take an action. 

The landing pages are advertising in nature and do not use subpages, they could be compared to an online brochure, which can be enriched with videos and graphics. WDCL is characterize by creating creative and personalized landing pages that will make it easier for the visitor to take the desired action.

2. One Page

These single-page websites are usually divided into mostly informational content blocksThey are characterized by providing general information about what the company or business does. They contain elements that allow the user to interact with the company through chats, contact forms, among others. 

The content must be concise, specific, and clear; it should not be more than one page. One-page websites do not have internal pages. They have an average of 7 blocks or subdivisions of content (within the page), and include images, videos and can have a form.

3. Informative website

An informative website is designed to share and provide content on a desired topic . It can be content of a company, brand, foundation, among others. An informative site can capture potential customers, inform about a topic or product and also be the communication channel with different audiences

A spectacular feature of this type of site is that it contains sections, which facilitate the navigation and organization of the site. This is a key factor to retain people with the content. An informative website does not limit, since it is available every day and at any time. 

In order to have an informative website, it is not only necessary to review the information to be published, but also its design and functionality. If you have a visually attractive website, it will attract more visitors. At WDCL we are experts in user experience design since we provide you with a user interface with exceptional design. So your visitors will be hooked on your site and its contents.

4. Transactional website

A transactional website is one where transactions are carried out, be it information or money. A transaction can be referred to as the capture, transformation, and sending of information from a website to a server. These sites can handle transactions with high security and quality standards through a computer or cell phone. 

5. Blog

This type of page is aimed at bloggers, companies, journalists, influencers, among others. Through these blogs it is intended to disseminate regular editorial information, content related to companies or news . It is common for corporate websites to include blogs within their content, as they allow them to disseminate valuable information to their visitors. Not only do they serve to disseminate valuable information, there are also blogs that offer products and services related to the topics of the posts, but this is not their main objective. 

If you are a blogger, entrepreneur, media outlet or influencer and you want to bring your blog to life, WDCL  takes care of customizing it to your liking . We have a specialist design team that will not hesitate to set your space to your liking and that it provides the functionality that your readers require.

6. Online store

Online store-type web pages are focused on businesses that want to venture into the internet to sell and offer their products or services. These products and their characteristics are easy to present in online stores since they offer the possibility of uploading images, details, and specifications of the same. 

An online store is characterized by having a navigation menu, buying and selling categories, the implementation of banners to highlight the products. Also, the catalog of products to offer, together with the shopping cart and integration with the means of payment. On the other hand, it also provides an administrator interface where whoever is in charge of the store can upload all the content that they want to display in their online commerce. 

Creating a virtual store is not an easy task, however, WDCL  together with Nilo App Tiendas Virtuales offers an integrated system that allows you to create your online store in a matter of two hours. With this software, uploading your products, managing and collecting money from your sales is very easy. However, if your need to sell online has very particular characteristics, we can always develop a tailor-made project for you

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